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This worksheet is designed to help you assess your workplace lactation needs. Please
answer the following questions to determine your needs to support nursing mothers in
your workplace. In some cases, you may need to contact your Human Resources
department to obtain this information.

Employee Data
Number of employed women of childbearing age (16-50):
Percent of your overall workforce:
Percent of hourly, nonexempt workforce:
Number of employees pregnant annually (average of last five years):
Number of employed women with children under the age of 1:
Length of employment (years/months) of those employees:
Average number of women who leave employment/do not return from
maternity leave every year:
Current rate of absenteeism among employed women with children under the
age of 1:

Company Policies
Are supervisors and human resources aware that federal law requires all
employers to provide time and space for breastfeeding employees to pump
milk at work?
What existing company policies provide support for breastfeeding and
pregnant employees?
If you do not yet have an established lactation program, what existing policies
(paid breaks, flextime) can be adapted for employees requiring breaks to pump
With whom do pregnant employees or employees returning from maternity
leave address lactation needs?
What department or office could serve as an administrative home for a
workplace lactation program?
Is current funding available to support a workplace lactation program?
Are employees able to discuss flexibility issues and their needs as
breastfeeding mothers with their supervisors and coworkers, so that you can
adjust schedules and manage breaks accordingly?
What existing communications vehicles can be used to communicate your
lactation program? (newsletters, employee orientations, etc.)

Are supervisors and human resources aware that federal law requires that the
designated space for breastfeeding employees to pump milk must be private
and cannot be a restroom?
What space, other than a restroom, is available at your workplace that can be
converted to a private area where employees can pump milk as they need to
during the day? This can be an unused office space, closet, dressing room or a
space within a room made private with a curtain, screen, or temporary divider.
Do employees have access to a space for lactation that is a five-minute walk or
less from their work station (or would they have time to access a privacy area
if in a factory or large retailer) ?
Does the designated space have the appropriate equipment? (Please refer to the
Privacy Room Checklist in this toolkit)

Employee Education and Resources
What materials or resources, other than time and space for pumping milk, are
available for pregnant and breastfeeding employees? (Please refer to the
Employer and Employee Resource Fliers in this toolkit)
Is employer-provided information in your employees’ primary language?


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