Safety Orientations by 9vaq65C


									                                                                             Rev. 3/07



All new or transferred employees will receive a Health & Safety Orientation prior to
their first day of doing any work. This orientation will also include any worker that has
been laid off work from [your company name] for a period of 3 months or greater.

This Health & Safety orientation is conducted to make new/transferred employees aware
of the companies practices and policies. Each section of the orientation will first be
reviewed and then initialed off by the employee. This process will ensure that they have
had an opportunity to ask and clarify any questions they may have about that section.

Only knowledgeable employees will do the orientations. Orientations must include a tour
of the facility and the new/transferred employees work-station.

All orientations must be signed and dated by the new worker acknowledging that they
have been orientated to their satisfaction.

All orientation records will be kept in the employees safety file.

_______________________________                       __01_/__01_/_08__
Senior Manager                                          dd   mm yr
                                                                           Rev. 3/07

Employee ___________________________                Emp# _______________________

Position ____________________________               Date : _______/_______/_______
Section 1.                                          Section 3.
Introduction                                        Procedures/Regulations
Company history                _____                Employee safety           _____
Company Safety Policy          _____                responsibilities
Tour of the plant site         _____                Safety Rules               _____
Tour of the work station       _____                Reporting accidents        _____
Introductions to management    _____                Alternate Work program     _____
_______________                                     Dis. Management program _____
Employee Initials                                   First Aid services         _____
                                                    Evacuation procedures      _____
Section 2.                                          Housekeeping               _____
General knowledge                                   WHMIS                      _____
Location/use of time clocks          _____          Right to Refuse            _____
Start and stop times                 _____          Safety Committee meetings _____
Coffee & Lunch breaks                _____          Tool Box meetings          _____
Proper work clothes                  _____          Safety Inspections         _____
Dressing and Restrooms               _____          Safety training            _____
Parking facilities                   _____          Hazard assessments         _____
Use of telephone                     _____          Rigging/Hoisting           _____
Leaving during work hours            _____          Confined Spaces            _____
Pay day and period end               _____          Lock-Out’s                 _____
Worker conduct                       _____          ________________
Smoking                              _____          Employee Initials
Alcohol & Drugs                      _____          Section : 4
Disciplinary procedure               _____          Personal Protective Equipment
Violence in the Workplace            _____          Safety Glasses             _____
Working Alone                        _____          Hand Protection            _____
                                                    Safety Footwear            _____
                                                    Hearing protection         _____
                                                    Respirators                _____

______________                                      _________________
Employee Initials                                   Employee Initials

My signature will certify I have been given the company safety orientation and that I
have fully reviewed and understand its contents.

_____________________________________                       ______/______/______
Employee signature                                                  Date

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