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									                                   Employee Survey – Job Satisfaction

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey on how job satisfaction. We are attempting to improve
in areas you feel are most important. We welcome your feedback and your answers will be kept
confidential. Thank you for your participation.

    1. Overall Job Satisfaction

___Happy with Job

___Dissatisfied with Job

___Don’t Care One Way or the Other

    2. Based on Question 1, what can we do to improve?

___More Training

___More Career Advancement Opportunities

___Better Compensation

___More Benefits

    3. What types of training programs would you like to see?

___In-House Mentorships

___Off-site seminars

___College Credit Reimbursement

    4. How Can We Help With Career Advancement?

___Post Job Openings Internally

___Have Set Paths for Entry Level Positions

___Offer More Responsibilities

    5. How Can We Improve Compensation?

___Merit Raise

___Cost of Living Raises

___Raises Based on Performance

    6. What Benefits Would You Like to See?
___Full Healthcare Package including Dental/Life

___Retirement / 401(k) Program / Profit Sharing

___Spouse/Partner or Family Coverage

   7. Please offer any comments in the space provided below on other elements you feel would make
      you more satisfied with your job.

Thank you for your time! Please use the enclosed envelope and drop off at the HR Department at your
earliest convenience. We will analyze and your feedback to make improvements to job satisfaction.

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