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									                          Ohio District – LCMS
                         Congregational Checklist
                             For New Hires

  The following checklist is a guideline for congregation and/or school treasurers to
   use when hiring a new worker. See chapter 7 of the Congregational Treasurer’s
     Manual for details regarding any of the items on this checklist. The updated
     Manual is mailed to all Congregational Treasurers in the fall of each year.

Forms to be completed by the worker and maintained in the worker’s
personnel file:
              Employment application and/or resume or call document
              IRS Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
              Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
              State Employer Withholding Exemption Certificate (for Ohio, this is
              Form IT-4)
              Employee signed authorization for any other payroll withholding

Forms to be completed by the congregation/school and maintained in
the worker’s personnel file:
              Employer payroll authorization form
              Copy of statement to the worker that no unemployment insurance is
              available (signed by the worker)

Forms to be completed by the worker and the congregation/school and
forwarded to another entity:
              Concordia Plans Services enrollment beneficiary designation forms
              (forms available at www.concordiaplans services.org or by calling 888-
              927-7526; completed forms must be submitted to WBP within 90 days of

              Note: If congregation/school is not a member of Concordia Plans Services,
                   submit appropriate forms to your insurance carrier.

Reporting to be done by the congregation/school:
              New Hire Reporting – to be done within 20 days of the hire (for State of
              Ohio requirements and forms, go to www.ohio.gov,)

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