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									                                                            Employment Security Department
                                                      WorkFirst On-the-Job Training (OJT) Standards
                                                                   December 21, 2011

The following are the estabished standards and required steps that apply to each of the tasks. Staff will adhere to the standards and are
encouraged to be pro active in their service delivery to exceed the standards. Staff are also encouraged to provide input on how standards
can be made clearer for easier understanding, use, and achievement.

      Eligible employers for OJT's are:              Ensure employer meets initial eligibility to
      1. Private Companies or Corporations           conduct OJT according to the OJT Terms and
      2. Non-profit companies of corporations        Conditions
  2                                                                                                   WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.1
      3. Public agencies without records for
      the participant

      Occupations for OJTs must have a high          Make the determination using available
      potential for sustained demand or              resources that the OJT meets these
  3   growth.                                        requirements and document the justification for WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
                                                     the OJT in employment notes in eJAS.

      The three required documents for a             Complete required documents and get all
      completed OJT contract are: 1.                 required signatures and dates prior to the start
      WorkFirst OJT Training Master                  of the OJT. The signature of the Supervisor or
      Agreement 2. WorkFirst OJT Terms and           Manager must be obtained before the employer
      Conditions 3. OJT Training Contract            or counselor signs the contract.
  4   (written in JAS).                              The Supervisor or Manager must review and        WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
                                                     approve the contract and ensure policy is
                                                     followed by checking for minimum wage
                                                     requirement, wage increases, length of
                                                     contract, and any Release Time Training (RTT).

      Employer may not receive subsidies for         Determine the number of the employer's
      more than 25% or 1 in 4 of the                 subsidized workforce prior to contract
      employers workforce.                           completion. If above 25% subsidized
  5                                                  employee, obtain an ETR before writing the     WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.3
                                                     contract. Examples of subsidized employees
                                                     include participants with an OJT from programs
                                                     such as WIA, Vets, CTED work programs.

     Employer is involved in the creation of    Explain the purpose of the OJT to the employer
6                                                                                              WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.3
     the OJT Contract                           and their training responsibilities.

     Wages for OJT must be at least             Regions may elect to increase the minimum
7                                                                                               WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
     minimum wage per hour                      amount based on their labor market.

     OJT must be for fulltime employment.
                                                                                                WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.1 and
8    Full time employment is defined as 32-
     40 hours per week.

     OJT can be for up to 12 weeks              Consider potential enrollment into Career
9                                               Services based on unsubsidized employment       WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2

   Reimbursement can be up to 50% of the
10 participant's total gross wages for hours                                                    WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
   worked; RTT 100%.

   Reimbursement is for regular work
11 hours only, no holiday, vacation or                                                          WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
   overtime hours

     Any wage increase must be built into the
12                                                                                              WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
     original contract

   The employer must have adequate              Determine employer has the facilities,
13 resources to provide OJT training.           personnel and equipment to facilitate the       WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.3

   Contract must list specific occupational
14 skills the employer will teach                                                               WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2

     Meet wage progression requirements         Ensure the contract properly reflects the skills to
                                                be learned and the higher wages for a wage          WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2 and
                                                progression OJT                                     4.3.5

     ESD WF Supervisor reviews the       Ensure contract:
     contract prior to being signed by   1. Lists specific skills to be trained.
     employer and counselor and          2. Gives time required to learn news skills.
     implemented.                        3. Wage starts at minimum wage or more. 4.
16                                       Complies with OJT Policy and Terms and         WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
                                         Conditions. Supervisor or Manager must
                                         document the contract review and approval in
                                         eJAS notes.

   Training can not start until the employer       Ensure contract is signed before training starts.
17 and the ESD representative have signed                                                              WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
   the contract

     Do not contract for an OJT for                For instance, The Dept of Labor has provided
     occupations with other funding sources        some nursing homes funds for training CNAs.
18                                                                                                     WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
                                                   Apprenticeships are not appropriate for OJT
                                                   because they already are a training position.

   A copy of all signed and completed OJT          Contracts signed by the ESD supervisor and
   Contract Packages are sent to ESD               ESD representative and the employer. The
   WorkFirst Admin Unit within 3 days of           package includes the WF On-The-Job Training
19                                                                                             WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.2
   obtaining all signatures.                       Master Agreement, WorkFirst On-The-Job
                                                   Training Terms and Conditions, and the OJT

   All training reimbursements are made to         Utilize copies of ESD OJT time sheets and
   the employer at the time of receipt of          payroll records signed by the employer and the
20 appropriate time and payroll records and        participant to determine hours to reimburse.    WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.3
   signed voucher.                                 Attach signed time sheet and payroll records to
                                                   the voucher.

   WF funds are not to be used                     Wage issues are to be addressed through L&I.
21 compensate participant if employer fails                                                            WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.3
   to pay.

     Contract monitored regularly                  All OJT's will be monitored regularly to ensure
                                               A   training objectives are met and all parties are
                                                   satisfied with the progress.
                                                   Make visits to the OJT site during the 1st, 3rd,
                                                                                                       WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.4;
                                               B   7th and 11th week. Meet with both participant
22                                                                                                     ICM (How to Create OJT Contract, Step
                                                   and employer.
                                                   Record in eJAS employment notes - progress
                                               C   towards goals, concerns and solutions.

                                               D   Record reasons for ending OJT early

     Wage progression OJT allows a                 Establish a wage progression OJT in a job with
     currently employed participant to leave       increased wages and benefits
     TANF with a higher paying job                 Establish Wage progression OJT with a new
                                               B   employer or in a new job with the same
23                                                                                                WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.5
                                                   Establish OJT that provides training to obtain
                                               C   key job skills essential to obtaining the wage
                                                   progression.                   4
     Release Time Training (RTT) may be        A   Determine if RTT would enhance skill building
     provided by someone other than the            A community college or other professional
     employer to provide classroom or skills   B   organization may offer this training
24                                                 Reimburse employers 100% for wages during       WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 4.3.7
                                                   the hours the participant is in the RTT
                                                   Support services may cover the cost of the
                                               D   training and for books and supplies

   Support services may be provided while          Determine if support service are appropriate in
   participant is in OJT or up to 6 months         accordance Handbook Chapter 2.2 and Internal WorkFirst Handbook Chapter 2.2 and
   post TANF as long as participant is             Controls Manual.                                Internal Controls Manual


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