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       Attendance Software
                          About BioEnable
BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Indian company working in the field of
advanced electronic Identification, Automation and Tracking solutions. Founded in year
2001, we have customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

BioEnable is ISO9001:2000 certified company with focus of Research & Development,
Electronic Product Design Services and Distribution in India, Middle East, American and
European markets.

BioEnable is well known as leading supplier of Biometric Fingerprint recognition products
and solutions in Asia pacific region with more then 20000 installations. BioEnable has
recently launched innovative products based on Active RFID and GPS Tracking technologies.

BioEnable has over 6 years of expertise in designing, developing and integrating several
identification, automation and tracking technologies. These include Biometric, RFID,
AutoID, GPS, GPRS, 3G and many other security & wireless technologies. Along with our
expertise in Software design and Web services we can develop complete innovative
solutions with ease. This is why many entrepreneurs from Europe select our technology
services to develop innovative products for their customers.
What is SmartSuite Software ?
SmartSuite Software- Save Time, Save Money and Ensure Success with us!
We are business systems consultants that make the complex simple. More than
software vendors, we are business consultants who will work alongside you!
Money back guarantee. We are so confident in the quality of our programs that our
products are guaranteed.

BioEnable SmartSuite Software is a complete web based Software Series which includes
solution for Time Attendance, HR Management System, Payroll, and Contract Labor
Management. Being a web based Time Attendance, HRMS Solution, Payroll, Contract
Labor Management; our SmartSuite software works on Intranet and Internet. The
information is available anytime, anywhere. There are plenty of exhaustive modules
available in Smart Suite, which makes it User friendly, highly versatile, Quick installable,
Completely Database driven, and Centralized Database.

SmartSuite Attendance Software is constantly upgraded with new features and
additions to provide a robust online attendance management solution for corporate
        SmartSuite Software Features
Web based System
 Robust HRMS
 Integration with other Biometric System
 Windows/Linux Compatible
 Automated Overtime Calculation
 Automated Late-In/Early-Out Calculation
 Daily/Monthly/Yearly Attendance Reports
 Reduces time spent on Leave Management
 Reduces the paper work and physical movement
 Email & SMS Alerts for users and employees
 Customizable Reports (Save, Print and Email reports in different formats)
 Manage labor records and avoid frauds
 Manage contractors effectively by eliminating improper billing
Easy to apply for leave
Easy to check status of applied leaves
Easy to approve or reject open leave requests
Reduces the cost of Leave Management
Why Web Based?
What web-based software means for you?
At home, at the office or on the go. You only need broadband access to use our services
and collaborate with your teams.
Works on PC, Mac or Linux.
Use any common browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer) on any operating
system to access our services.
No download. No installation.
You don't need to download or install any software. Just setup your account and try out
the service online.
The best prices with no hidden fees.
Take advantage of our competitive pricing.
Fast and Intuitive
Elegant applications are designed to be simple to use. Add features and customize our
service to fit your exact needs.
Access all the online help you need
Have a question or a comment? Talk directly to our customer teams for all your queries.
Available 24/7, 365 days all year long.
 Why Choose us ?
"Software solutions can be found anywhere
The BioEnable difference is in our high performance team“

Our strength is the ability to fit the exact niche needed in your business. Whether your
need is a software solution with full implementation, consulting, or service and training;
our value is the capacity to come in and provide the support and expertise to help you
achieve your vision.
Businesses are unique. Business processes are complex. While there are many excellent
business software solutions on the market, only a capable partner can suggest which
product will work best for your business as they understand your processes, goals, and
requirements. Accurately modeling your business and processes in a software system
requires the ability to understand the present as well as to envision the future.
Our professional team has the expertise to meet your present needs and prepare you
for your future! Not just tech geeks, we are personable solution providers who won't
sell you a bag of goods and leave you stranded.
To learn more, contact BioEnable today.
Read more about our story, View a Case Study of success achieved for one of our clients
Why BioEnable SmartSuite Software ?
Are you tired of keeping paper based employee attendance records?
Are you tired of manually tallying your employee timesheets every month?

Smart Suite Software is the solution . . .
Our Smart Suite Software helps you to manage your employee time attendance records
without any paper work.
Smart Suite Software allows you to track your employee attendance more accurately and
more efficiently
Smart Suite Software application promise you to give on-demand employee time tracking
A complete Web based software developed in PHP with MySQL database. Can run on
Linux as well as Windows (using WAMP).
Available as on Demand Remotely Hosted SaaS or Easy to download onsite options.
Includes Group ware features like username/passwords for all employees. Email
notifications, Employee self-service portal.
Maintains Supervisor- Employee Relations and allow supervisors to manage Attendance &
Leaves of the employees under them.
Inbuilt Help system & Knowledge base. Can meet basic requirements to provide employee
handbook, company policies and informative articles.
Available Modules in SmartSuite Software
 User Management
 Company / Branch / Department Management
 Shift Management
 Holidays and Leave Management
 Employee Management
 Payroll Configuration
 Employee Records Management
  Employee Attendance Management
 Report Management
 Organization Charts
 Machine Configuration
 Manual Entry of Attendance
 New Attendance Approval System
 Email/SMS Facility

Note- We also provide customizations in the software as per customer requirements.
Additional charges are made for the same.
Software Support for Biometric Devices
For enquiries, please contact –

203, Ramchandra House,
B/h Dinesh Hall, Income-Tax,
Ahmedabad - Gujarat - India
Customer Care : (079) 66318166, 65138131, 30178166
Mobile : 98250 70507
Working Hours : Monday to Saturday (10:00am to 7:00pm)
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