Policy on gifts to staff 2004 by HC120913223555


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                                         POLICY ON GIFTS TO STAFF

The aim of this policy is to make clear the Trust’s policy on gifts to staff and how this policy is to be managed
and explained.

Policy Statement
It is not acceptable for staff to accept gifts from service users, service users’ relatives or external agencies or
bodies. To do so, places the employee in position where suggestions or allegations of undue influence,
impropriety or special attention could be made. However, it is understandable that some service users or
their family may wish to thank staff who have developed a close working relationship with them and refusal
of a gift may offend. Therefore, to protect staff, service users and to comply with the Care Standards Act, the
following should be adhered at all times and by all staff.

Gifts from Service Users or their Relatives
1.     If a service user or one of their relatives offers a gift, you should politely decline and suggest that a
contribution to the Amenity Fund or the home as an alternative.
2.     If this suggestion is ignored, accept the gift and notify you line manager as soon as reasonably
possible. Immediately place the gift in the House Manager’s office, with a note of your name and from whom
the gift came from. The gift will be put into the Christmas staff raffle for that House.
3.    If the gift is money as opposed to an item, put the money in an envelope, again with a note of your
name and from whom the money was and place in a secure, locked drawer in the House Managers office
separate from any other money (e.g. service users’ personal allowances).
4.    Any manager who receives a gift, should ensure that a thank you note is written to the donor by
whoever received the gift. The manager should notify the Care Manager that a gift has been received and
from whom, in writing as soon as possible.
5.      If a gift of money is received and a known purchase through the amenity fund is made, a follow up
letter to the donor letting them know how their donation was used.

Gifts from External Agencies or Companies
Any gifts should be politely refused or declared to your line manager and given over for a raffle or for the
Amenity Fund as soon as possible.

Relationship with other Procedures
Failure to abide by this policy may warrant disciplinary action, including summary dismissal in some
circumstances. In this, please refer to the Disciplinary Procedure. You may also find that reference to the
statements on code of conduct and professionalism contained within the Employee Handbook useful.

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