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									                                                             EVENT ASSESSMENT FORM
                                Organizations funded through the Student Life Fund are required to report on funded events within one week
                               after each event. Complete BOTH SIDES of this form and submit to the Student Organization Center Desk (KC
                               008). These records will be kept on file in the Office of Student Life for at least two years to assist organizations
                                                                     planning similar events in the future.
                                       Refer any questions to the Associate Director of Student Life at 331-2345 or burkemi@gvsu.edu.

Name of person submitting this form:

e-mail of person submitting this form:

Primary Sponsoring Organization:

Event Co-Sponsors:

Event Title:

Event Date/Time/Location:

Event Description

GVSU (students/faculty/staff) attendance:                                              Non-GVSU attendance:

Evaluation of Event How did you assess the audience’s participation/response to event? (check all that apply)
□Head Count □Observation □Written Survey of Participants □Pre-test/Post-test □Focus Group/Interviews
□Other (please describe)
Please report the results of your evaluation on the back of this form or attach the information to your form.
Promotion (please check all methods used and comment on the effectiveness of promotion)

□Web Calendar Listing □Web Ad □Banners □Posters □Pluggers □Lanthorn Ad □Lanthorn Article □Cable 7
□WCKS (Campus Radio) □RSO Newsletter □Table Tent Ad □Do Something! Event □Meeting Announcements
□Other (please describe)
Venue (check all that apply and add comments)

Location/size□ was □ was not appropriate
Set-up □ was □ was not as expected

Media Services □ were □ were not provided as expected

Timing of event (check all that apply and add comments)

Date □ was □ was not good for the success of the event
Time □ was □ was not good for the success of the event

Other events/activities □ did □ did not conflict with the event
Benefits/Lessons from Event (please use the back of this form to answer these questions)
1. What did your organization gain by sponsoring this event?
2. What lessons were learned in sponsoring this event that other event planners should know?
3. Would any training or additional advising have helped you carry out this event? If yes, please describe.

                                                                                                                       Last updated August 14, 2004

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