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									                           47. JOB ENRICHMENT

1. Job Enrichment is
   a) Multi-skill Development b) Entrepreneural Skill        c) Both

2. Job Enrichment is also done thro
   a) Empowerment        b) Freedom     c) Both

3. Job Enrichment will lead to
   a) Knowledge Enrichment b) Skill Enrichment c) Attitude Enrichment d) All

4. Job Enrichment means making the skills more densed and also extensive.
   a) Yes.   b) No. If more denser, stress problem starts.

5. Job Enrichment will compel more Training Programmes.
   a) Yes. More TNIs will be added. b) Not Necessary.

6. Job Enrichment means
      a) Pooling more skills with multi-faceted functions. b) No. Making the job
          skills more and more effectively thro Job designs.

7. Job Enrichment will bring out
      a) Enormous hidden skills and knowledge. b) Not necessary.

8. Job Enrichment leads to quicker career planning levels?
   a) Yes. Definitely.   b) Not Necessary.

9. Job Enrichment Manual is prepared by
   a) HR Managerf     b) Line Managers or Project Leaders

10. Job enrichment system can be easily implemented in
    a) Manufacturing and service industries b) Software Companies.
                                 48. EMPOWER

1. Empowering employees will develop Self Confidence.
   a) Yes. definitely. b) No. we have to watch the genuinity of Self-confidence.

2. Empowerment will compel more skills.
   a) Yes.    b) Not necessary.

3. Whether close watch on empowerment is necessary?
   a) Yes. To some extent.  b) Not necessary.

4. Attitude is the main factor while empowering the particular employee.
       a) Yes. Evaluation of Attitude should be more than the Knowledge and
       b) No. Equal distribution of Ratings on Knowledge, Skill and Attitude is

5. Empowerment will lead to quicker Career Growth.
   a) Yes. definitely. b) Not Necessary. But it may be applicable for Succession

6. Empowerment will bring Enjoy Working Climate.
   a) Yes. Generally.  B) Not Necessary. Rather it may develop too many

7. Empowerment is better with
   a) more Responsibilities   b) more Authority and decision-making power.

8. Authority in empower can be delegated in
   a) applying Knowledge and Skills    b) Policy changes in work Procedures.

9. Do you expect following type of conflicts in Empowering?.
   a) Functional Conflicts     b) Dys-functional Conflicts

10. Sub-cultures of empowered employees should not deviate the core culture of the
    a) Yes. Definitely. b) We may allow certain amount of deviations.
                                49. DELEGATION

1. Delegation is on the basis of
   a) Confidence      b) hard work

2. Initially micro level delegation is better than macro level delegation.
   a) Yes. Definitely.        b) Not necessary.

3. Delegation is arising out out
   a) Work Load       b) to develop Team Work Culture

4. Delegation results will identify star performers
      a) Yes. b) Not necessary.

5. Initially delegation of responsibility is better than authority.
       a) Yes. b) No. both should go simultaneously.

6. Down-the-line delegation should focus more on responsibility.
   a) Yes. reasonably. b) down-the-line need not to be given responsibility.

7. Middle level, delegation of responsibility and certain amount of authoity is
   a) Yes. Agreed.       b) No. even in middle level, authority distribution is
   slightly dangerous.

8. Delegation in higher level is more on
   a) Decision Making b) Policy Correction

9. Results on Delegation of Responsibility or Authority need to be evaluated
a) Yes. Periodic and open appraisal system is better. b) No Need.

10, Delegation will ultimately lead to Productivity and Quality Improvement.
a) Yes. Definitely.     b) No. it may not.
                            50. ENJOY WORKING

1. Enjoy Working is the ultimate aim of HR Policy.
   a) Yes. definitely.  b) No. Need not be.

2. Enjoy Working will come out of more by
   a) Training Programmes b) Welfare Measures.

3. Enjoy working will reduce Stress Skills.
      a) Yes. definitely. b) No.Rather it may increase.

4. Enjoy Working should be consistent.
   a) Yes. and also it should be even. b) Not necessary.

5. Enjoy Working will lead to good Retention ratio.
   a) Yes. Definitely                 b) Not necessary. It may increase the
   saleable value of the particular employee in the employment market..

6. Enjoy Working will lead to meeting the challenges with commitment.
   a) Yes. definitely.  b) Not Necessary.

7. Enjoy Working will strengthen the core culture of the organisation.
   a) Yes b) No. it may develop too many sub-cultures.

8. Enjoy Working Climate will contribute more continuous improvement.
   a) Yes. It leads to TQM Concepts    b) Not necessary.

9. Enjoy Working will reduce the employee counselling.
   a) Yes. Also the disputes. b) Not necessary. It is a continous action.

10. Enjoy Working will be a face value for out-siders such as customers,
    shareholders, etc.
a) Yes. Definitely.    b) Not necessary.

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