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					      Perth & Kinross Council

        Head of
Planning & Regeneration

The Environment Service

           Ref: PKC2134

  Closing Date: Sunday 29 August 2010

Job Profile

Terms and Conditions

Information on The Environment Service

Recruitment & Selection Process
                                Perth & Kinross Council

                                           Job Profile

Job Title           Head of Planning & Regeneration

Service             The Environment Service

Grade & Salary      SCP34 - £77,166

Location             Pullar House, Perth

Reports to           Executive Director/Depute Director (Environment)

Responsible for     Planning & Regeneration Services

Job Purpose

To be responsible for the leadership, professional direction and effective management in
the provision of all functions within Planning & Regeneration Services including
development plans, transport planning, conservation, development management,
estates and economic development/regeneration.

To contribute to the corporate management of the Council by developing and
implementing Council policies and strategic initiatives and ensuring an integrated
approach to the management of Council business.

To provide professional advice to the Council and the Executive Director/Depute Director

To ensure the Council fulfils all statutory requirements in respect of Planning and
Regeneration activities in line with effective governance arrangements.

Main Accountabilities

1.    To manage an efficient and effective service

1.1   To provide effective leadership, development and management of Planning &
      Regeneration Services.

1.2   To assist the Council and the Executive Director/Depute Director at both a strategic
      and operational level to enable the Council to develop and deliver effective and
      efficient policies and services within a framework of continuous improvement in
      accordance with the Council's Community and Corporate Plans and the Single
      Outcome Agreement.
1.3   To be responsible for the effective management, allocation and control of all
      resources, including financial, within Planning & Regeneration Services linked to
      achieving the Council’s objectives.

1.4   To ensure that the Council delivers on its statutory Improvement Plan for Planning

2.    To work within the political dimension

2.1   To provide advice and guidance to Elected Members on policy and strategic issues
      relating to Planning and Regeneration.

2.2   To ensure that the best possible advice, guidance and support is given to the
      Executive Director/Depute Director, the Members of the Executive Officer Team and
      to Elected Members of the Council at all times.

3.    To drive change across all Service areas

3.1   To develop and maintain an organisational culture which promotes quality through
      continuous improvement, learning and professional accountability in accordance with
      the aims and objectives set down in the Council's Corporate Improvement Plan.

3.2   To ensure the development of effective management information systems to support
      the Council in the management and review of its activities.

3.3   To manage employees within Planning & Regeneration Services, providing effective
      team leadership, ensuring provision of a professionally competent and responsive
      service with appropriate levels of delegated authority, and supporting this through
      Employee Review & Development.

4.    To work corporately across all Council areas as a Member of the Corporate
      Management Group

4.1   To contribute to, and provide leadership in, creating effective partnerships and
      alliances to support efficient government initiatives, and enable effective community
      planning arrangements.

4.2   To develop, implement and maintain effective performance monitoring and review
      mechanisms to ensure that a best value approach governs the Council's use of

4.3   To assist in the formulation and implementation of corporate initiatives and to identify
      clear management aims and objectives for the Council.

5.    To develop effective external relationships

5.1   To ensure the development of a customer focussed approach and the promotion of
      equalities in all aspects of the Council's activities.
5.2   To assist in the development of strategic partnerships with other bodies, organisations
      and individuals in terms of achieving the Council’s corporate objectives and financial

5.3    To take a lead role in the Council’s engagement with Communities.

6.    To maintain focus on strategic and long-term issues

6.1   As a member of the Council's Corporate Management Group to act as a primary link
      in ensuring the effective operational delivery of services, consistent with the priorities,
      values and objectives of the Council.

6.2   To input to, and lead where required, the strategic planning and management of
      resources and policy planning.

This list is not exhaustive and you may be required to undertake other duties as required by
the Executive Director/Depute Director (Environment) or Council.

Job Specific Requirements

There is an expectation that shortlisted applicants will meet the requirements below:

Knowledge & Experience

Proven record of leadership, strategic management and planning within Local
Government/Public Sector.

Proven record of achieving measurable outcomes.

Proven record of successful change management.

Proven record of successful leadership for developing and implementing systems and
processes which ensure effective governance and performance management.

Degree or equivalent in relevant subject area and corporate Membership of the Royal
Town Planning Institute.

You will also have a professional qualification, or senior management experience in
either economic development or property development and management.

Experience of developing and implementing integrated working practices and

Knowledge of Local Authority legislative framework including the statutory framework
relating to Planning and Regeneration.

Experience of working with Elected Members.

Experience of leading a multi-disciplinary team focused on delivering the Council’s

Competency and knowledge of a range of the areas relating to the job.

Customer Care
An understanding of the alignment between the needs of the community, the Council’s
Corporate Plan and its Single Outcome Agreement.

A strong commitment to providing customer focussed services.

Health & Safety

You have a personal responsibility for taking care of yourself and others and must
comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation.

You must undertake any Health and Safety training relevant to the post.

Equality & Dignity at Work

You must have the ability to treat colleagues and customers with dignity and respect as
per the employee charter.

You must have the ability to be consistent and fair.

You must have the ability to deal effectively with conflict.


Effective written communication skills - write in a clear and concise manner using
appropriate grammar and language for the reader.

Effective oral presentation skills - speak clearly and fluently and in a compelling
manner to individuals and groups.

The ability to negotiate effectively on behalf of the Service and the Council.

Experience of speaking at public and formal Committee meetings.


You must have the ability to assess competing demands and determine priorities.

Achievement of Results

Strategic awareness - demonstrate a broad awareness of issues, events and activities
and the perception of their longer term impact or wider implications.

Experience of successful leadership of a large staff group and a proven track record of
delivering tangible results and customer focussed services.

Ability and commitment to implementing effective performance management systems.


Quality orientation - show awareness of goals and standards. Follow through to
ensure that quality and productivity standards are met.
Team Working

Ability to motivate, mentor and inspire employees to reach organisational goals.

Effective team and partnership working - interact with others in a sensitive and
effective way. Respect and support others and work well within a team.

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Ability to adopt a flexible approach to problem solving.

Any Additional Requirements

Ability to work effectively within the political dimension.

Must be able to cope with the demands of the job and attend on a regular basis.
                         TERMS AND CONDITIONS
CO34 - £77,166

Hours of Work
The hours of work are a minimum of 36.25 hours per week or whatever hours are necessary
for the proper performance of this role. A Flexible Working Hours Scheme is in operation.

Business mileage will be paid at the Inland Revenue rate of 25p per mile.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions will be in accordance with the Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee for
Chief Officials.

Relocation Expenses
£5,000 based on criteria set out by the Council can be made for allowable expenses.

Annual Leave Entitlement
27 days, plus an additional 5 days which have been converted to annual leave from public
holidays. The Council also recognises a total of 7 local and public holidays.

You will automatically join the Local Government Pension Scheme unless you chose to make
alternative arrangements.

Employee Benefits
The Council offers a range of employee benefits including Taycard, an employee discount
scheme, Tay Valley Credit Union and BHSF (a health cash plan scheme).

Terms of Appointment
The appointment will be subject to satisfactory references and medical clearance.

Notice Period
The contract may be terminated by giving 3 months’ notice in writing on either side.

Politically Restricted Posts
This position is politically restricted under the Local Government Officers Amendment
Regulations 1998 (as amended). This means that you are prevented from taking part in
certain political activities.

Other Employment
You may not engage in any other business or take up additional employment without the
express consent of the Council. You must inform the Council of any outside activity which
may in any way conflict with your work for the Council.
                                         PERTH & KINROSS COUNCIL
                                         THE ENVIRONMENT SERVICE

                                         APPOINTMENT OF HEAD OF
                                        PLANNING & REGENERATION

This document has been produced to provide some background information to assist you to
decide if you wish to continue with your application.

More detailed information can be obtained by visiting and accessing the
documents listed at the end of this document.

The Head of Planning & Regeneration will support the Senior Management Team to ensure
services in The Environment Service are carried out in the most efficient and effective way as
possible and our customers’ needs are met. This support will be delivered in the areas of
strategic and local development planning, transport planning, conservation, development
management, estates and economic development/regeneration.

You will be a member of the Council’s Management Group and, specifically, you will play a
key role in delivery of the Council’s Corporate Improvement Plan by leading on the
development of the strategy on how best the Council manages its many and diverse assets.

The Environment Service in Perth & Kinross Council combines Public Space Management,
Planning, Economic Development, Environmental & Consumer Services and Performance &
Resources. Each Function has a Head of Service who, with the Executive Director and
Depute, forms the Senior Management Team of the Service.

A wide range of customers use the Service on a daily basis. A resident’s house will have
received planning permission and may have been altered after receiving a building warrant
from the Service. An adult’s walk to work will be along a pavement maintained and cleaned
by the Service, while a drive to work will use a road traffic network devised and maintained
by the Service. Children will be assisted to use safe ways of walking to school supported by
the Service or may travel on a school bus organised by the Service.

A resident’s waste and recyclables will be uplifted by the Service. Parks, play areas, sports
pitches and countryside walks are managed by the Service as are cemeteries and the
Crematorium. A business may receive support to expand or move premises, trade
internationally, or it may receive guidance on waste management and support through the
Council’s various regulatory processes.

The Service’s stated purpose is:

     To promote sustainable development.
     To drive forward the performance of the local economy and to promote and
      nurture a positive image of Perth and Kinross.
     To manage, maintain and enhance the public realm and provide safe and
      convenient access for all users.
     To protect and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of communities.
     To provide efficient and effective service delivery.
The Environment Services’ total annual budget is currently approximately £63 million
revenue expenditure and £13 million on capital works.

The new Planning & Regeneration Service will comprise 114 professional, technical and
administrative staff - the majority of whom will be located in the Council Building at Pullar
House, Perth.

As part of the ongoing re-organisation of Services, there will be a new management team
reporting to the Head of Planning & Regeneration covering the main functions of
Development Planning, Development Management and Economic Development which also
include activities such as Transport Planning, Estates, Sustainable Development,
Conservation, Events and City Centre Management.

The Head of Service’s duties will also include working with the Corporate Management Team
of 25 Heads of Service who drive forward the overall strategy of the Council.

Recent external inspections of the authority have identified a number of strengths which the
authority has been found to be maintaining and developing. They have also set an agenda
for further improvement, on which the Council, through its committed staff, has already made
a strong start.

Specific challenges currently facing the Service include:

       Creating a new and effective team to drive forward the new Service.
       Timeously delivery of a new local Development Plan.
       Maximising external investment in the area.
       Matching business and supply to demand.
       Continuing to meet the challenges of Planning reform.
       Taking the opportunity to advance integrated service delivery and to maximise the
        potential benefits from partnership working within and beyond the Council.
       Supporting the Council’s aspirations for sustainable economic growth.

Further Information

For an informal discussion, please contact Jim Valentine, Depute Director (Environment), on
01738 476402.

The following key documents have been identified which may be of interest to you when
considering your application:

       The Environment Service Business Management & Improvement Plan 2009-2012.
        Click here to access this document – TES BMIP 2010-2012
       Perth & Kinross Council Corporate Plan 2009-2012 – Securing the Future Strategy
        and Corporate Improvement Plan. Click here to access these documents – Perth &
        Kinross Council Corporate Plan 2009-2012
        Community Plan 2006–2020. Click here to access this document – Community Plan
       Single Outcome

In addition, further information relating to the detail of the activities which the new postholder
would be responsible for can be found on The Environment Service section of the Council’s
The recruitment & selection process will take the following form:

Key Dates

Closing Date                             Sunday 29 August 2010
Panel Review of Applications             Friday 3 September 2010
Provisional First Interview              Monday 13 September 2010
Testing                                  To be confirmed
Final Interview                          Monday 27 September 2010

Interviews will be conducted by a selection panel comprising:

     Councillor Ann Gaunt
     Jim Irons (Executive Director – The Environment Service)
     Jim Valentine (Depute Director – The Environment Service)
     Lana Turnbull (Personnel Officer – Human Resources)

Selection Process

The Panel Review of online applications will determine whether a first and second interview
process or a single interview process will apply.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for this post, please apply online by accessing our job vacancies at With this facility, you have the option to save your work in
progress when completing the application form and then return to it at a later date. Please
also complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form.

There are application questions which you are required to complete online as part of your
submission. Your response to these questions will be used by the Selection Panel to
determine whether or not to invite you to interview. Please note that your answers to the
application questions WILL NOT be saved as part of your core account details - we suggest
that you create your answers in Word and then copy and paste them into your application so
that you have a record of your submitted answers and this will help avoid your browser timing

Please ensure that you complete all sections in the online application form.

CVs and other supporting documentation will not be accepted as part of your submission.

If you decide to apply, you will receive an email acknowledgement. You should expect to
hear, by email, by Wednesday 8 August 2010 if you have been invited to participate in the
selection process.

Those candidates not invited to interview will also be advised by email in due course.
Candidates successful for final interview will also be asked to take part in other assessments
as part of the selection process.

Reference checks and a pre-employment medical assessment will also apply.

Feedback will be available for candidates on their online application/performance at interview
and selection tests.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Recruitment Team if you have any queries – telephone
01738 475429 or email

August 2010

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