Brandywine School District                                                                                 Phone (302) 793-5000
Department of Human Resources                                                                                Fax (302) 765-1992

                                                  FINAL CANDIDATE FORM
INSTRUCTIONS: Hiring Administrator - Complete top section of this form, sign, date & submit to the Department of Human
Resources for processing
                                        HIRING ADMINISTRATOR USE ONLY
                                               Personnel Requisition Information
Job ID (Requisition Number)                                               Position Reports To
                                                                          Teachers Only:
                                                                          If regular education teacher, include grade/core content:
Position Title
                                                                          If special education teacher:
                                                                              Primary - core content_______________________; or
School/Department Location(s)
                                                  Final Candidate Information
Name of Candidate

Address of Candidate

Phone Number(s) of Candidate        (h)                             (c)                              (w)
Anticipated Start Date                                                                  Anticipated End Date
Hiring Administrator Signature                                                          Signature Date
                                          HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT USE ONLY
Status Change                                              Employment Status
   Change of Assignment - Current Employee - Posted          Benefited - Regular Full-Time
   Change of Assignment - Current Employee - Appointed       Benefited - Regular Part-Time
   Change of Assignment - Current Employee -Reassigned       Benefited - Regular Full-Time – Temp Assign (BEA//hired after 11/1)
   Change of Assignment - Based on Enrollment Needs          Benefited - Temporary Full-Time         End Date:      /     /
   Offer - New Hire - Posted                                 Benefited - Temporary Part-Time         End Date:      /     /
   Offer - New Hire - Not Posted – Non-Bargaining Position   NonBenefited - Casual/Seasonal          End Date:      /     /
   Offer - Rehire - Posted                                   NonBenefited - EPER - Current Employee
   Offer - Recall – Not Posted                               NonBenefited - EPER - NonEmployee
   Offer – Additional Position                             Compensation
   Other:                                                    Yearly Base Salary:
                                                                 Highest Degree:
Actual Start Date                Actual End Date                 Potential Step:
     /     /                         /    /                      Potential Salary:
Job Classification                                           Hourly Rate:
   Classified                                                Per Diem Rate:
   Certificated                                              Stipend:
FLSA Status                                                  Per EPER Schedule
                                                  Educator Credentials Review
Certification/Permit                          N/A          Teacher Highly Qualified Status                          N/A
Teacher                                                      Highly Qualified
   DE Certification                                          Eligible for HQ Designation
   Eligible for DE Certification/Emergency Cert                 Passed Praxis II _______________
   Eligible for ARTC Program/Emergency Cert                      Major or equivalent (30 CR – excludes elementary generalist)
Paraeducator                                                    Nat’l Board Certified
   DE Permit                                                 Not Highly Qualified
   Eligible for DE Permit                                    N/A – Non-Core Content Area
                                                  Human Resources Approval
HR Director Approval                                                                    Approval Date
                                                Staffing Coordinator Processing
  Verbally Accepted Position on __________ initials ____
                                                         Hiring Administrator Notification Date: _____________ initials _____
  Verbally Declined Position on __________ initials ____
Seniority Date Adjustment                                Notes:
  Custodian/Maintenance - Substitute to Regular
  Para or Teacher Recall After First Day of Work


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