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9th January 2012                                                               BG/Pay/2/12


UNISON’s previous bulletin sent out in early January informed you that the
company had advised the trade unions that, for business reasons, they did not
feel able to increase basic pay scales for 2012. They said that the agreed formula
that normally decides the percentage increase to be applied (For 2012 this would
have been 2.8%), could not be used this year for financial reasons and that pay
would need to be frozen in 2012.
Following a number of negotiations with the TUs culminating in a final offer being
made by the company on 3rd February they have now proposed a 2 year deal
involving a pay freeze for 2012 and a 3% increase for 2013. (Please see letter of
3rd February attached).

In summary the offer involves

      - A 2 year deal with a guarantee of a 3% increase from 1st January 2013
        (L8) and 1st April (L7 – Subject to existing pay system arrangements).
      - An increase in the employee energy discount by 100% up to £200 per
        year for dual fuel customers on a standard rate. In addition, they are
        willing to develop with us a scheme similar to the Warm Home Discount
        for employees who can demonstrate that they spend over 10% of their
        disposable income on fuel which will help those most in need.
      - Agree that the benefits of any performance improvements in 2012 will be
        shared with staff, as a profit sharing scheme that is worth £200 per
        employee subject the company’s targets being met.

      - The promotion of various retail discounts via the ‘Perkz’ scheme including
        5% off Sainsbury’s and 6% off M+S prices.
      (See letter of 3rd Feb attached for more detail)

Throughout the negotiations UNISON’s priority has been to get something on the
table for 2012 to help members cope with the increases in the cost of living. We
have stressed to management that most of our members are relatively low paid
and that it is unacceptable to expect them to go 2 years without a salary increase.
Therefore UNISON’s priority has been to find some ways of getting help to
members over this next 12 months. Every possibility has been explored and
efforts will continue to be made to find ways of easing the financial burden on
members. However it is clear that the offer we now face is the best we can
achieve by negotiation and apart from working on the details of how the profit
share scheme will work it is the final position.
While UNISON is extremely disappointed that the company has decided to freeze
pay for 2012, and we continue to believe that some increase was and is
affordable, we do recognise and accept that BGRs profits are well down, Services
are under intense competitive pressure and that it has been a very difficult year for
the business overall. We have seen increased costs for commodity prices and
less than favourable weather conditions. British Gas has lost 20k customers this
year alone which emphasis the pressure the business is under.
UNISON’s representatives will be informing and consulting members on each site
over the next week. Responses back to UNISON’s national centre will be made by
Thursday 16th February.
Members must appreciate that your national negotiating team have tried their
hardest to get the best deal possible on the table and this is it. Members must now
feed back to UNISON’s representatives what you want them to do on your behalf.
Regrettably it is extremely unlikely that any further significant improvements can
be made so the choice facing members is to reluctantly accept this offer or
consider what further action can be taken.

Please let your UNISON representatives now what you think so that together we
can make sure that whatever we do represents the majority view of our members.

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