WLA Fall 2012 Invitation 2 by nHyoND3


									    ⇝W ESTERN L OSS A SSOCIATION ⇜
                  FALL CONFERENCE
                                                                                                2011-2012 OFFICERS
              October 3 -October 5, 2012
                  Wed through Friday
                                                                                       JOHN HARMON
                   The Abbey Resort                                                    PRESIDENT
                                                                                       ZURICH NORTH AMERICA
                 269 Fontana Boulevard                                                 1400 AMERICAN LANE
                                                                                       SCHAUMBURG, IL 60196
               Fontana, Wisconsin 53125                                                (847) 605-8630 PHONE

                                                                                       KEVIN MCCOY
Dear Members,                                                                          VICE PRESIDENT & SECRETARY
                                                                                       ALLIANZ GLOBAL CORPORATE & SPECIALTY
                                                                                       225 W. WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 2100
Our fall conference is rapidly approaching and we hope that you                        CHICAGO, IL 60606
will join us for the second time at The Abbey Resort.                                  KMCCOY@AIC-ALLIANZ.COM

                                                                                       JIM CATANIA
INSURANCE COMPANY PERSONNEL CAN ENJOY THIS                                             TREASURER
                                                                                       TRAVELERS INSURANCE
ENTIRE SEMINAR AT NO COST.                                                             215 SHUMAN BLVD.
                                                                                       NAPERVILLE, IL 60538

                                                                                       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                                                                       KATHY WILCOX, BADGER MUTUAL INS. CO.
To make your room reservation, call The Abbey Resort at 800-                           ART BROWN, AIC, ZURICH NORTH AMERICA
                                                                                       CHRISTOPHER REITH, DOUGLAS G.
772-1000 and have your credit card ready. FOR INSURANCE                                PETERSON & ASSOCIATES, INC.
COMPANY PERSONNEL the guest room rates are $119.00 for                                 MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
a single or double per night. FOR VENDORS the rates are $132                           ANNA RAMIREZ, ZURICH NORTH AMERICA
                                                                                       VICKI WAGENER, AMERICAN FAMILY INS.
(a lower rate from last year) for a single or double, $219 for a
Suite per night. There are additional charges if there is more                         THERESA NOSKA, AIC
                                                                                       CORPORATE TUMMLER
than one occupant per room. Identify yourself as part of the                           UNIVERSAL RESTORATION SERVICES
Western Loss Association, and advise if you are an insurance                           (888) 877-6766 Phone
company employee. RESERVATION DEADLINE IS                                              TAX I.D. #36-3992929

SEPTEMBER 15th.                                                                        RECENT PAST PRESIDENTS
                                                                                       10-11 JOHN HARMON
                                                                                       08-10 KATHY W ILCOX, AIC
DRESS IS BUSINESS CASUAL FOR ALL EVENTS,                                               07-08 ART BROWN, AIC
except the Bon-Fire.                                                                   06-07 JERRY RANDLES, CPCU CLU
                                                                                       04-06 KATHY W ILCOX, AIC
                                                                                       03-04 JUDY BIRD
                                                                                       02-03 MIKE KAEMPF
The seminar includes:                                                                  01-02 DON BARES
 - Wednesday social hour reception                                                     00-01 NANCY FISHER
                                                                                       99-00 GARY R. CLARK, AIC
 - Thursday and Friday Continental Breakfast                                           98-99 ELIZABETH HUDSON
                                                                                       97-98 GORDON BALSANO, AIC
- Thursday lunch, dinner banquet, and Bon-Fire                                         96-97 THERESA NOSKA, AIC
- Admission to all seminars                                                            95-96 JOHN KEARNEY
                                                                                       94-95 GREG DEBOER
- Daily coffee breaks                                                                  93-94 GRANT GERROND, CPCU
                                                                                       92-93 TIM FOX, AIC, ARM,
                                                                                             CCLA, RPA
GOLF IS SEPARATE. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED                                                  91-92 DAN HENNESSY, MBA


The vendor seminar fee schedule is attached.

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