AN ovember to be Thankful for by mpU5Fw1Y


									A November to be Thankful for
(tips from Beth Jones-Schall, l)

Be prepared for a wonderful month of business in November where you can extend
gratitude to your customers and keep your business productive!

1. Hostess Appreciation Event - invite your 2007 hostesses to your home for lunch or tea
so you can say thank you for their faithfulness this year. Share small, fun recognition
gifts for top show sales, most bookings, most shows held, most unique show, craziest
show moments, etc. Treat them to a sneak peak of your 2008 calendar so they can secure
their favorite date now. Also, share the career opportunity.

2. Co-sponsor a Customer Appreciation Event - join together with other Direct Sellers to
co-sponsor an Open House where you each set up your product display in one home or
community room and invite your customers to enjoy one-stop shopping for the day.

3. Send Thanksgiving cards - Be sure to send a Thanksgiving card to each 2007 hostess.

4. Host a Holiday Hero Party - Help the husbands of your friends, family and customers
to become a Holiday Hero this year by purchasing just the right gift for their loved ones
this year. Send an email to your customers and invite them to send you a list of their
favorite products along with their spouse's contact info. Then send out the invitations to
the spouses to come shop with you since you will have their loved ones' Wish List!

5. Promote Thanksgiving Week Party-to-go - Create cute fall party-to-go gift bags filled
with your catalogs, order forms, holiday gift ideas list, etc. Invite customers to take one
with them as they visit family and friends at Thanksgiving. After dinner and dishes are
done, let the guys watch football and invite the girls to shop using their Party-to-go bag.
You then call each customer who does a Party-to-go to finalize their orders on the
Monday after Thanksgiving. Great customer service and great income!

6. Check into Corporate Vendor Events - Large companies, hospitals, agencies often host
holiday vendor days where they invite various small business owners to set up their
products for a day in their workplace so their employees can do holiday shopping without
leaving the office. Check with those you know who work at larger companies in your
area for the person in charge of Employee care/benefits. They will often be the ones who
make decisions on hosting an event if they don't already have one scheduled.

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