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									World History 10                                                           Name:_____________________
Mr. Hannah
January 29, 2007

                                  Roman Empire Practice Test
You will need to use your notes (PAX, ROMANA, Jesus of Nazareth, The Pax Romana Leaders, and
Contributions of the Pax Romana) to answer the following questions. This worksheet will be checked on
Tuesday for five bonus points. We will review this on Tuesday for our test on Wednesday.

I. Matching: Match the following Roman people to
their accomplishments.                                   A. The first emperor, established the Pax
    1. ____ Constantine                                  B. Wrote Aeneid, an epic on the founding
                                                            of Rome.
    2. ____ Augustus
                                                         C. Moral leader who is considered God by
    3. ____ Nero                                            his followers.
                                                         D. Established the geocentric theory.
    4. ____ Marcus Aurelius                              E. Emperor who converted to Christianity
                                                            and allowed Christians to worship
    5. ____ Theodosius                                      freely.
                                                         F. Someone who dies for a cause.
    6. ____ Virgil                                       G. Challenged Augustus for power but was
    7. ____ Paul                                         H. Brutal ruler who made Christians the
                                                            scapegoats for a fire in Rome.
    8. ____ Jesus
                                                         I. Most significant Christian missionary.
    9. ____ Diocletian                                   J. Made Christianity the official religion
                                                            and outlawed all other religions in
    10. ____ Ptolemy                                        Rome.
                                                         K. Split the empire into the Eastern and
    11. ____ Marc Anthony                                   Western Roman Empire.
                                                         L. This good emperor was the last ruler of
    12. ____ Martyr                                         the Pax Romana.
II. Multiple Choice

13. ____ Which of the following architectural        15. ____ What was created to carry clean water into
buildings were NOT constructed in Rome:              the cities from the seas?
         A. Pantheon                                           A. Aqueducts
         B. Parthenon                                          B. Rivers
         C. Coliseum                                           C. Canals
         D. Forum                                              D. Water sprinklers

14. ____ What event signals the end of the Pax       16. ____ Emperor Constantine issued this declaring
Romana?                                              Christianity legal in the Roman Empire?
        A. Constantine taking the throne                      A. Christian doctrine
        B. Theodosius outlawing other religions               B. Edict of Milan
        C. Punic Wars                                         C. Magna Carta of Carthage
        D. Marcus Aurelius’ death                             D. Pax Romana
World History 10                                                             Name:_____________________
Mr. Hannah
January 29, 2007

17. ____ What is another name for the first four      22. ____ The military became weak towards the end
books of the New Testament?                           for which of the following reasons:
         A. Bible                                              A. their technology was outdated.
         B. Gospels                                            B. the Romans started having to hire
         C. Hymns                                              outsiders to serve in the military.
         D. Apostles                                           C. they focused too much on securing
18. ____ This architectural innovation supported               D. they could not win the big one.
more weight allowing structures to become larger
and heavier.                                          23. ____ Byzantium will be renamed to:
        A. Aqueduct                                           A. Constantinople
        B. Corinthian Columns                                 B. Istanbul
        C. Arches                                             C. New Rome
        D. Pulleys                                            D. Hannahville®

19. ____ The language that the Romans spoke           24. ____ Towards the end of the empire people
was:                                                  preferred the loyalty to this body over the emperor:
        A. Spanish                                             A. the military
        B. Italian                                             B. the church
        C. French                                              C. Jupiter
        D. Latin                                               D. the Senate

20. ____ The Roman language is the basis of a         25. ____ This structure was used to appease and
group of languages called the ______ languages.       entertain the poor masses:
         A. Romantic                                           A. the temple of Jupiter
         B. Cyrillic                                           B. the Pantheon
         C. Germanic                                           C. the Forum
         D. Slovak                                             D. the Colosseum

21. ____ The Roman principle that one was             26. ____ Which of the following is NOT an aspect of
“innocent until proven guilty” comes from:            the Pax Romana?
         A. the Senate                                A. Expansion and solidification of the empire.
         B. Hammurabi’s Code                          B. Relative peace for nearly 2 centuries.
         C. The Ten Commandments                      C. A clear and bloodless succession of emperors.
         D. The Twelve Tables                         D. It was created by Augustus Caesar.
III. Short Answer

    27. List 2 causes for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

    28. List 2 ways in which the Romans focused on the public’s health.

    29. List 2 reforms that Augustus Caesar made.

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