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									             Leadership and Management Development Programme

Our vision of being established as one of the leading, modern professional
Universities, will be dependent on the capability of our leaders to drive change and
continuously enhance performance. To support middle managers we offer a
development programme called the Leadership and Management Development

This programme has evolved from 2 programmes, previously targeted separately at
Academic Managers and Professional Services. From the summer of 2010, most
workshops will have a mixed target audience.

Key elements of the LMDP (Professional Services)

   •   The programme is flexible so that managers can attend workshops as and
       when their development need arises.

   •   Content of the programme will be driven from individual Learning and
       Development Plans and needs identified by the University as a whole.

   •   Development materials and resources are held on Web CT, to allow for ‘just-
       in-time’, bite-size development.

   •   The programme uses Myers Briggs Type Indicator throughout to develop
       emotional intelligence, and provide a focus for enhancing all aspects of
       working relationships.

LMDP workshops

The programme commences with a Foundation workshop which all participants have
to attend. Following this, any workshops can be undertaken at any time according to
individual needs.

   •   Foundation

   •   Skilful Communications

   •   Leading and Managing Change Part 1

   •   Leading and Managing Change Part 2

   •   Coaching

   •   Influencing Skills – New!

   •   Actions Learning Sets can be run as a follow-up session for each topic.
For more details and to make a booking go direct to the Staff Development section of
the home page.


If you are a middle / senior manager and would like to participate in the programme,
please contact Lesley Macniven, Management Development Partner on extn 6303,
for more details.

If you would like to discuss your leadership development needs, please contact
Lesley Macniven, Management Development Partner, on extn 6303.

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