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Reginald Tennant: The Hobo Hero

       A homeless man believes his hamster is psychic and must fend off a vegan

carrot-eating army controlled by a nameless invisible evil with the use of a spoon-knife

and powdered milk. Is he crazy? Is it true? Does the author just want it to be

ambiguous? It would be very easy for the reader to believe Reggie is just a whacked out

homeless man, but the writer of his tale throws out enough proof to support Reggie's

quest that he makes us begin to question it ourselves. Reggie really seems to believe

that his pet hamster will lead him to a way to stop "Them" from taking over.

       Reggie focuses on past, present, and future. If left with nothing to occupy

himself, he focuses on the past. When he is left with nothing to do, Reggie will take time

to reflect upon the past and the events that have brought him upon what his life is like

today. He tries to remind himself that he used to have a normal life and underneath the

insanity of what is currently his life, he is a normal guy. When things are intense and

busy, he focuses on the present. He tries to focus on the future and plan ahead for it.

He believes that he is the only warrior the middle of a silent war, and that means he has

to make every battle plan.

       Reggie is very quick at examining everything that surrounds him when he first

walks in a room. Reggie dances around his problems because he tends to see too

much of "The Big Picture" and has trouble focusing on taking the smaller steps to solve

it. Reggie is very modest when it comes to sex. It's a very PG kind of story, so it's not
really an issue. Reggie is very open to experiences, hence the change from his very

normal lifestyle (at least Reggie believes he used to have a normal life) to the life of a

battle ready hobo. Reggie enjoys the company of others but also values privacy.

Depending on who Reggie is around, he gets stressed by not being able to be himself.

For example, Reggie acts differently around his family because he is trying to hide the

fact that he is unemployed and homeless. Reggie is capable of being compassionate,

frank, good-natured and eager to co-operate. He definitely prefers to be in a trusting

environment. Reggie is resilient, calm and able to deal with stressful situations. He

rarely experiences negative emotions.

       What's on Reggie's Mind?

       Most of the time Reggie's conscious thoughts are concerned around

accomplishing every day stuff we take for granted (things much harder for a Hobo to

accomplish, like showering or brushing your teeth) or taking action against "Them".

When his preconscious thoughts surface, the one other than what he usually does with

his conscious thoughts tend to be about reminiscing in the past. His unconscious

thoughts are worried about if he's really crazy or not. These tend to not come out

because he's fairly confident in his sanity.

       Reggie is very extrinsically motivated. The reason he became a hobo and is

taking up arms against "Them" is because of what has happened to him, not because of

what he wants to do. Though he claims to miss his old life, he clings onto his new one

because he thinks it is essential for him to do so. There are many instances where he

gets the chance to quit, but he never does. He might reminisce in the past because it

might bother him that he actually enjoys this new life he has.
       Reggies is barely very open to new experiences. Though he does seek a

balance of old and new, he embraced and entirely new life with a fair amount of ease.

He follows plans and plots out what he needs to do for a day. Even though he plans for

things, that does not mean is plans vary a great deal from day to day. He's only

spontaneous at the beginning of a day while he's figuring out what he needs to do with

the rest of the day. After that, it is a very rigid schedule. If something goes wrong with

his plans, he has no problem with making quick changes to adapt.

       Reggie comes off as unreliable to many, but that is because he is following his

own silent plans that they don't know of. He is dependable to those who play a part in

his plans against "Them" and organizes things very well. He acts like a self-appointed

general for the streets of London.

       Reggie likes people, but his new life as a Hobo lends itself to some loneliness.

Whether his hamster Marcus is really psychic or not, he does miss the regular company

of normal people. If Reggie really is crazy, the delusional imaginings of the hamster

speaking into his mind could be to compensate for a lack of real interaction. The

hamster did come first and then the homelessness second, so he could have felt the

loneliness for a long time before he became a hobo.

       Reggie does not like to fight. He would sooner say nothing than stir things up. If

he feels really passionate about it, he would try to fix things the way he wants in a

passive manner. He likes getting along and finds that shutting up and listening to people

is a good way to have them like you.

       Because of Reggie's quieter nature, he tends to not express how he feels very

well at all. Though he does not have the highs and lows of most people, he manages to
stay very calm in the middle of emotional balance.

       In regards to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, he is definitely at the stage of Love

and Belongingness. He tries to fit in with his eccentric crew (which might be why he

became homeless) and lies to his family to still seem like the same person he used to

be. He tries to fit in wherever he goes, like a social chameleon.

       There are two very different conclusions about Reggie depending on certain

circumstances. Is he really crazy or not? If he is crazy, then his delusions play a great

deal in his personality. If he is not crazy, then he has shown to have many heroic traits.

He really could be a Hobo Hero.

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