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									Free Meditation Classes
Are you searching for inner peace and serenity?
       Learn How to Meditate
           “My Meditation”
                 by Terry Schoonerman
             ● find emotional balance
                    ● find peace
                  ● relieve stress
           ● lower your blood pressure
                  ● stop worrying
                  ● loss of anger
                   ● loss of fear
               ● loss of resentment
                       ● relax
              ● enjoy the quiet time
Meditation is an individual adventure. If you are
   interested in finding out more about “My
Meditation” and its benefits, you are welcome to
       come to an informational meeting:
          Monday March 7, 2011
             6:30 – 7:30 pm
         Palmyra Community Center’s
            Resource Center Room
        Sign-up in the P.C.C.’s Office
       Or Call 597-5501 Monday-Friday
    Between the Hours of 8:00 am and Noon

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