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									                                          DRAFT – APRIL 27, 2007

                                               EMORY UNIVERSITY

                                       EVENT REGISTRATION FORM

SPONSOR ORGANIZATION: _________________________________________________________________

DATE AND TIME OF EVENT: _____________________________________________________________________

TITLE OF EVENT: _____________________________________________________________________________

LOCATION OF EVENT: ________________________________________________________________________

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: ______________________________________________________________________

ESTIMATED ATTENDANCE: _____________________________________________________________________

NAME OF PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EVENT: _______________________________________________

HOME PHONE: _______________________________OTHER PHONE: __________________________________

PO BOX/ADDRESS: _________________________________________________ EMAIL: ___________________

(1)    Who will be attending the event?
       Open to the public
       For invited guests only

(2)    What types of alcohol will be served?
       Bottled or Canned Beer
       Kegs of Beer

(3)    How much beer, wine and/or liquor?

(4)    Please list the nonalcoholic food and beverages you will have available.

(5)    Do you have an organization account number? If so, please list the number ____________________.

(6)    Will individuals under the age of 21 attend your event? __________
       If so, you are required to use Emory Card Readers ($50.00 charge) to verify age. The sponsoring
       Organization is required to pick up and return the card readers from the Emory Card Office on the day of
       the event.

(7)    If individuals under the age of 21 will attend your event, will you have wrist bands?_______ If so, have they
       been ordered? _______

(8)    Have Emory security personnel been hired for the event?

(9)    Have Sodexho alcohol servers been hired for the event?

(10)   Describe your plans for insuring that alcohol will not be served to those who are intoxicated or underage.
Your signature below indicates that you have read and understand the Alcohol Policy.

SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________________________ DATE: _______________________


ORGANIZATION ADVISOR SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________DATE: __________

                     PLEASE NOTE: Advisor must be present at all times alcohol is being served!!!

ADVISOR PHONE NUMBER: ____________________________CAMPUS ADDRESS: _______________________


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