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                             Our first week of school was a great           The Accreditation kick-off meeting
                             success! If you have any joys or               will be on Thursday, August 30 from
                             challenges from the first week, please         7:00-8:00 PM in the fellowship hall.
                             don’t be afraid to share them with us.         Free childcare will be provided. There
                             We rejoice that God has blessed our            are still spots to sign up for this very
                             school with an enrollment of 72 students       important school improvement process.
                             this year. Thank you for having your           Last week, Mr. Hintz sent out emails
     Upcoming Events         children at Emmaus. Have a great year!         sharing more information about serving
     8/22 Sunglasses                                                       on these committees. If you did not
      Day                    Piano Lessons will begin on Friday,            receive the email, please speak with
                             September 7. All piano students will           him. If you are still unsure if you would
     8/30 Accreditation     have lessons each Friday there is              be interested or able to serve, please
      kick-off meeting, 7-   school. Lessons are $7 each or $25 for         still come to the meeting to gather more
      8 PM                   4 lessons if paid on the prepay dates          information; then decide. Also check
                             indicated on the piano calendar. The           out the accreditation page on our
     9/4 First day of
      band lessons
                             first prepay date is September 7. A            website for information
                             piano calendar is available in the school      (
     9/7 First day of       office. Last year we had a few
      piano lessons          keyboards that we were able to loan to         Arizona Tuition Tax Credit is a
                             families that did not have access to a         wonderful program that allows Arizona
     9/13 Tuition Tax       keyboard or piano at home for practice.        residents to donate a portion of their
      Credit meeting         If you have one of these keyboards and         state taxes to students that attend a
                             your child is not using it this year, please   parochial or private school. After donors
                             bring it back to Emmaus, so we can loan        complete their taxes, they will receive a
                             it to new piano students.                      dollar-for-dollar credit. Payment can be
                                                                            made in smaller increments throughout
                             Grace Lutheran, one of our sister              the year. If your child will be receiving
                             schools, takes their 7th-8th graders to        Tuition Tax Credit this year, either
                             Washington DC every other year during          designated or undesignated, you must
     Upcoming Sports         their week of spring break. This year,         fill out an application form. Pick these
                             they have invited the Emmaus 7th-8th           up in the school office or online. The
     Sports will start      graders to go on the trip with them. The       Tuition Tax Credit website is:
      after Labor Day        cost of the trip is about $1100. Any  There have been
                             students and parents that are interested       a few changes to the program this year.
                             in attending this trip, please speak with      Please attend an explanation and
                             Mr. Hintz. Grace would like to know by         training meeting on Thursday,
                             the end of September how many                  September 13 from 6:30-7:30 PM in the
                             Emmaus students and parents would              fellowship hall to learn about the
                             like to join them.                             changes and brush up on Tuition Tax
                                                                            Credit program. Free childcare will be
                             We have a new list of spirit days this         provided.
                             year. Next Wednesday, August 22 is
                             sunglasses day. Wear a pair of                Please join us for worship. Our
                             sunglasses in our Valley of the Sun and weekly church services are on Sunday
                             receive a few AR (Accelerated Reader) points. at 8:00 and 10:30 AM, with growing in
                                                                           God’s Word for children, teens and
                                                                           adults at 9:15 AM. We’d love to worship
                                                                           with you.

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