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        Berkshire Further Mathematics Centre


Since the year 2000, MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry) have managed a project called
Enabling Access to Further Mathematics, whose aim was to develop ways of tutoring Further
Mathematics students in schools and colleges that couldn’t offer Further Mathematics. Over the
last 5 years a number of “lead centres” became established in different parts of the country. They
developed models of tuition, which included a blend of face-to-face contact, distance learning and

The Further Mathematics Network

In the summer of 2004, the DfES (Department for Education and Skills) stated in their response to
the Smith Report, ‘Making Mathematics Count’:

 ‘To encourage increased take-up of Further Mathematics we will also develop proposals to
replicate and expand the current Mathematics in Education and Industry Project with a view
      to establishing a Further Mathematics Centre in each of the 47 local LSC areas.’

Following this, the DfES granted funding to establish the Further Mathematics Network, consisting
of around 50 Further Mathematics Centres across England. MEI are managing the distribution of
funding for the new Further Mathematics Centres and supporting Centres by providing training and

Mission Statement

The Further Mathematics Network aims to give every student who could benefit from studying
Further Mathematics the opportunity to do so. The Further Mathematics Network will work to
increase the number of students studying AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
The Further Mathematics Network aims to provide training and support to teachers of AS/A level
Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

The Further Mathematics Network seeks to maintain the excellent reputation it earned for its tuition
provided during the pilot phase by:
        Having high-quality tutors
        Providing students with a clear structure for their studies via the on-line resources.
        Providing regular and detailed feedback and imposing strictly enforced deadlines for
         submission of work.
        Providing intensive Revision Days near the time of the examinations.
        Bringing students from different schools\colleges together wherever possible.
        Providing school/college students with the opportunity to experience learning in a
         university environment.
        Promoting interest in mathematics among school pupils pre-A level.

The Further Mathematics Network is coordinated by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI)   1
Berkshire Further Mathematics Centre

The aims of the Berkshire Further Mathematics Centre are
    To establish provision for Further Mathematics that will enable all schools and colleges in
       the region to offer Further Mathematics tuition to their students.
    To ensure that every student studying in a school or college in the region, who would
       benefit from a Further Mathematics qualification, can study Further Mathematics in-house
       or through the Centre (or a mixture of both).
    To provide assistance and support to teachers in schools and colleges who are delivering
       Further Mathematics in-house.
    To forge links between schools, colleges and Higher Education Institutions that will
       facilitate, improve and extend the local Further Mathematics provision.
    To promote Mathematics and Further Mathematics at AS and A-level and Mathematics and
       mathematics-related subjects (Engineering, Sciences, etc.) at University.

The Berkshire Further Mathematics Centre is managed by the following school-based staff:-

         East Berkshire:              Cassie Moran (Langley Grammar School)

         Central Berkshire:           Roger Loveys (Highdown School)

         West Berkshire:              Jeff Trim (Little Heath School)

The Managers are supported by a Management Committee, consisting of LEA consultants and
local academics, representing interested parties across Berkshire:-

                   Gill Emerson (Wokingham LEA)

                   Martin Marsh (Slough LEA)

                   Paul Glaister (Reading University Mathematics Department)

                   Reudiger Schack (Royal Holloway College, University of London)

Why should students study Further Mathematics?

        Pleasure – for someone who enjoys mathematics this is a chance to do some more.
        Challenge – it is a challenge, and a chance to explore some more sophisticated
         mathematical concepts.
        Progression – it enables students to distinguish themselves as able mathematicians in the
         university and employment market. It will make the transition to a numerate course easier.
        Independence – a chance to taste a more independent style of learning.
        Social – a chance to meet other like-minded students.
        Opportunities – a chance to visit a University (e.g. Reading or Royal Holloway).

The Further Mathematics Network is coordinated by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI)   2
Why Heads of Mathematics departments should want to be able to offer Further

        Pleasure – students who enjoy mathematics will enjoy Further Mathematics.
        University transition – students going on to study numerate degrees at university will
         benefit enormously from having seen some of the topics in Further Mathematics.
        Reduce Brain Drain – able students may leave a school or college to study Further
         Mathematics at another institution if their own does not offer it. Not only does this have a
         direct negative effect on the overall grade profile of a school or college, but it has an
         indirect negative effect too due to the loss of a student who may set standards for other
        Departmental Performance – a student’s Further Mathematics results will contribute to
         his/her department’s performance. Their standard Mathematics results may improve too.
        Raising the Profile of Mathematics in your Institution – students participating in the
         Further Mathematics Network are likely to receive some of their tuition at local universities.
         This will raise the profile of mathematics within the school considerably.
        Staff Morale – An ideal way to give mathematics staff opportunities for CPD. This could
         also lead to valuable INSET for the rest of the mathematics team.
        Free Resources – all schools and colleges registering with the local Further Mathematics
         centre will be given free access (for staff) to the myriad of resources already available on
         the MEI Resources website.

Why School and College Managements should want to support the study of Further

        Zero Net Cost – a student’s participation in the Further Mathematics Network should be at
         no net cost to the school. The school will receive £800 from the Learning and Skills Council
         for each half A-level (AS or A2) a student takes. The project charges £660 for each half A-
         level that is completely tutored by the Further Mathematics Centre staff, i.e. £220 per
         module. A blend of Further Mathematics Centre provided and school/college provided
         tuition will reduce this cost further.
        Reduce Brain Drain – by offering Further Mathematics a school does not risk losing its
         most able students to other institutions. Usually students who perform well in mathematics
         perform well in their other subjects too. Not losing able students will improve the morale of
         Mathematics staff.
        Staff Morale – Mathematics staff have opportunities for CPD and to get involved as the
         school/college main contact with the Further Mathematics Network. This can (if they wish)
         bring them into contact with the content of Further Mathematics and it may be that they are
         able to offer some or all modules in-house in the fullness of time.

What should you do next?

If you would like to know more, or register with the Berkshire Further Mathematics centre, then
please don’t hesitate to contact the school-based manager for your part of the county. They will be
delighted to expand on all the points made in this leaflet, including attending a Mathematics
Department meeting in your school/college. They will not only give you further information about
tutoring your students in Further Mathematics, should you have some who would benefit from this
facility, but will also answer any questions you may have, and demonstrate how you could benefit
from using resources from the website.

The Further Mathematics Network is coordinated by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI)   3
The MEI Resources Website

Purpose-written, structured web resources, to facilitate self-study in Further Mathematics, are
provided to all participating institutions. There is also a large Teachers Resources section with a
host of useful resources, ready for classroom use in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics at
AS/A level.
Resources which are available on the website include:
       Study guides to using the (MEI) text book for a module.
       Multiple choice tests (self-checking on the website) and topic assessments.
       Interactive resources for use inside and outside the classroom.
       Worked solutions to problems from the text book
          Additional questions and worked solutions on a variety of topics.
          And lots, lots more.


For more information about MEI and what it supports, go to the website:
From the main website you can find out about the resources in detail and have a taste of many.

The Further Mathematics Network has its own website, and this can be found at
You will be able to find out about the latest information and events both nationally and locally.

Further Mathematics Network Staff:
Programme Leader:    Charlie Stripp                                01392 435604
Administrator:       Janice Richards                              01225 774777

For more information about the Berkshire Further Mathematics Centre, to arrange a visit to your
school/college or to enquire about registering/tutoring, please contact:

                              Jeff Trim
                              Little Heath School
                              Little Heath Road
                              RG31 5TY

                              Tel.             0118 9427337

The Further Mathematics Network is coordinated by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI)         4

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