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					                                                   Reading- You must read two AR books and
                                                   score 80% or above on the quizzes for this six-
                                                   weeks period. A special reward will be given to
                                                   students who meet this goal by Feb. 5th. Also
                                                   remember that reading one book per month will
                                                   earn you a Pizza Hut certificate.

                                                   Congratulations to the students that met the
                    Studies                        early AR deadline: Caitlin, Shelby, Jonathan,
                                                   Keisha, Courtney, and Richard.
Social Studies –We are working through Ch. 14
– The Constitution in the History Alive! book.
Please ask your child about the activities we                             FYI
have been doing in class. Asking them
questions at home helps to reinforce what is       Miss Tana-Jo Hedrick will be substituting for
done in class.                                     Mrs. Emerson while she is on maternity leave.
Math- We will be finishing our geometry chapter    Don’t forget to be looking for your child’s binder
and starting measurement chapter. Find a ruler     and planner each day after school. Students
and see what you can measure. We will be           know it is their responsibility to copy the
working on both the Customary and Metric           assignments from the list on the board each
systems.                                           day.
Language/Writing- The students will continue to    Dental Screening Forms were sent out on
work on their bus safety articles. Students,       Monday. If you want your child to participate,
remember to avoid getting into “double trouble”    the forms are due back on Tuesday the 2nd.
in our writing.                                    The van will be here on the 4th and 5th for the
                                                   Remember, if you are taking up orders for the
             Mrs. Emerson’s class:                 Little Ceasars fundraiser, all orders and money
                                                   are due on Friday, March 5th. This fundraiser will
                                                   help to purchase new software for our students.
Science: Next week we will be starting a new
chapter in our science books. Chapter 10: The      Book fair will be March 8-12.
resources people use.
                                                   Days missed to be made up as of today:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                        Oct. 22, 23 – Illness
                                                    Jan. 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 29 - Snow
             Miss Atwood’s class:                   Feb. 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 – Snow
Science – We are finishing work in Ch. 9 this      Progress Reports were sent home on Fri., Feb.
week. All work that has been assigned for the      12th. If your child has not returned, please do so
chapter will be due on Tuesday, March 2nd.         as soon as possible.
Students have had many opportunities to make
sure the work is finished because of the time it
has taken us to cover the chapter due to missed    *Friday, March 5th – 4th 6 weeks ends*

Reading-The AR reading goal for the 4th 6 weeks                 FUN DAYS SCHEDULE
is to read 2 books and take the quizzes.
Students must score 80% or higher for it to        Mar. 2 – Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day – students may
count toward the goal. Early deadline to earn      wear their pajamas
the Pizza Hut certificate and a special prize
from me was Friday, Feb. 12th. The final           Mar. 5 – Rebel Rally – wear CCHS Rebels shirts
deadline to have the quizzes completed by is
Thursday, March 4th because the 6 weeks ends       Mar. 12 – March Madness – wear UK shirts
on Friday, March 5th. These two quiz grades
are counted as two reading grades, so if any       Mar. 19 – The future’s so bright, we gotta wear
have not be completed the student grade will be    shades – wear sunglasses
recorded as a 0 in the grade book.
                                                   Mar. 26 – Farmer’s Day (planting seeds of
Congratulations to the following students that     knowledge) – wear farmer clothes
met the early AR deadline: Madison, Austin M.,
Blaine, Alexis, Allie, Cierra, Brooklyn, Hannah,
and Desaray.

           Mrs. Pennington’s class:

Science—We will start chapter 11, weather and
water cycle, next week.
                                                                            WELCOME NEW BABY
    Yang the Second and Her Secret Admirers
                                                                Congratulations to Mrs. Emerson!! Welcome to
             Test Fri., Mar. 5, 2010
                                                                  the world Gelest Winter Emerson. Born on
                *Bonus words
                                                                     Saturday, February 20, she weighed
                                                                       7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 in. long.
1. covered               14.   spotted
2. directing             15.   suffering
3. bragging              16.   arrested
4. amusing               17.   squeezing
5. offered               18.   ordered
6. planned               19.   decided
7. rising                20.   hitting
8. deserved
9. visiting              1.   rehearsing*
10. mixed                2.   shredded*
11. swimming             3.   anticipated*
12. sheltered            4.   scalloped*
13. resulting            5.   entertaining*

                Student Section

 Mrs. Shelly Hill is an amazing 4th grade teacher
with many favorites. Some of them are her
favorite color - sky blue; animal - her
Himalayan cat, Asia; month – July; time - supper
time when she can talk with her family; cartoon
character - Calvin and Hobbs; food – pizza; team
                                                             If you have questions about your child please
- any team JPE students play on; technology -
                                                             contact us. Call the school at 787-1217, or e-mail
document camera; things about school - the
                                                             us at or
staff and students; subject - writing. Her
birthday is April 13. She went to college at EKU.
                                                             We will return your notes, calls, and/or emails
She has been teaching for 5 years. These are
                                                             ASAP. An email address has not been set up yet
some things about Mrs.S.Hill’s life.
                                                             for Miss Hedrick. Thanks!
By: Josie Yaden, Jenna Carman, Lily Lucas, and
Courtney Canada

                              Times Available to Schedule Parent/Teacher Conference
                                  Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday       Thursday         Friday
                                             9:35-10:15                                  9:35-10:15
         Mrs. Pennington       8:55-9:35         and        8:55-9:35          X             and         
                                              1:50-2:30                                   1:10-1:50      
                                                                                                         
                                                                                                         
                                                                                                         
 Mrs. Emerson        and      1:10-1:50    1:10-1:50    9:35-10:15   1:10-1:50

Miss M. Atwood   9:35-10:15   9:35-10:15       and      9:35-10:15   9:35-10:15

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