Weight by cuiliqing


We have already felt the weight in things like walk cycles on the down position. where the knee bends to take the
weight of the body as it presses down to the ground.

So what about weight in other things?

         Heavy things?
         Light things?
         How would we show their weight?

One way is to show the characters intentions with anticipation. If we show a character preparing to pick up something
heavy, then the audience will believe that the said something really is heavy.

Spread your legs apart, move in close and arch your back toward the object, then move in as close as you possibly can
get, here might be a good time to adjust your grip, quiver a bit and reverse the arch in the back.

Struggle to lift, perhaps add a shake to the knees until the object is off the ground, then invert the arch in the back once
more, let the character get underneath the heavy object and get it to its top height and finally straighten the arch in the
back out completely. From here you can have the character fall over backwards, walk gingerly with the object, or drop
the heavy thing completely etc.

Heavy objects can be countered with an extreme bend in the knees and back. Watch the footing.
A walk cycle with heavy object in tow changes quite a bit. Try giving his steps erratic movements to make him
feel off balance!
Use gravity to your advantage!
Where something made of cloth, but a bit heavier, or with a pre defined shape might do something completely

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