The Facilities Services Disaster Preparedness Plan provides a basic framework for preparation
and recovery actions. Each group within FPIS is responsible for developing additional
instructions as necessary to meet their specific needs.

Section I – Plan Updates
Each group is responsible for providing Safety/Environmental Services with updates as changes
occur, i.e. phone numbers, staff changes, or change in procedures. The entire Plan is available on
the “pyxis” server and Safety/Environmental Services revises the Plan when revisions are received.

Plan is reviewed annually by entire FPIS Disaster Preparedness Group in May and updated based
on input from each group.

Section II – FPIS Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
Checklist assigns responsibilities by job titles or groups. Each group is responsible for
determining other needs that may apply to their area.

Section III – FPIS Emergency Phone List
Purpose of list is to include supervisors and their designee(s) and serves as a telephone tree for
contacting FPIS supervisory staff, provosts, associate provosts and other key College staff needed
to support FPIS disaster preparedness and recovery operations.
  NOTE: The list is not intended to serve as a contact list for all Facilities staff. The Plan assigns
  responsibility to supervisors to contact staff in their area as appropriate.

Section IV – Site Facilities Services Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
Checklist assigns responsibilities by job titles. Each site is responsible for determining other
needs that may apply to their site.

Section V – Storm Evacuation Levels
Provides list of evacuation levels for all SPC sites

Section VI – Weather Emergency Management/Procedures – President’s Cabinet
Provides the official college-wide procedures for weather emergencies and is activated by the
President or his designee. Includes a telephone tree for contact of senior administrators.
Plan is provided and updated by President’s Cabinet.

Section VII – FPIS Disaster Recovery Plan
Plan provides a basic framework for recovery operations. Each group is responsible for
developing a checklist specific to their area and needs. Included in this section are the following:
  1. Safety/Environmental Checklist
  2. Important Safety Precautions for Chain Saw Users
  3. Copy of Disaster Recovery Team Re-Entry Checklist
     Every FPIS employee should have a copy of the Re-Entry Checklist at home.
     Front side of Re-Entry Checklist provides precautions regarding re-entry to College sites
     following a major disaster.
     Backside of Re-Entry Checklist provides spaces for listing names and phone/pager numbers
     for supervisor and others in department or immediate work group.

Section VIII – BOT Rule Emergency Action Plan
Includes copy of BOT Rule and Procedure for Emergencies.

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