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					                        BRIEF PROFILE

R. S. Verma
48 years, 168 cm, 75 kg.

Textile Graduate having 27 years experience in yarn and fabric

Exposure- Fibre to Fabric.
Core competence- Spinning.

Complete exposure of setting up two new projects-
One 10 MMPA specialty Denim and other 20 TPD Ring Compact
and OE Comforo Yarn.

Hands on experience in latest technology and state of the art

Focus on EOU culture.

Accreditation of ISO certificates for quality, environment and

Addicted to top quality product with optimum resource utilisation.

Capable of building an organized and effective team to function at
the highest level of perfection.



1-     Name                          :      Verma Rama Shankar

2-     Date of birth                 :      January 10th 1962

3-     Postal address                :      38, Bharat Nagar
                                            Yavatmal-445 001

4-     Relevant qualification        :      B.Text. Tech.
                                            From G.C.T.I. Kanpur U.P.

4.1.   Contact                       :      080 55 20 60 48
                                            080 55 20 60 47

5.0    Job Experience:

5.1- The Length:
     27 years in yarn and fabric manufacturing.

5.2- The Employers:
     Hindon River Mills (6years), Reliance Chemotex (4years), Raymond
     (7years-3 yrs. in worsted and 4 yrs. in Denim ), Soma Textiles (6
     years) and since last 4 years, GRS Industries Limited (a composite
     textile mill in Ludhiana, Punjab ).

5.3- The Exposure:

       Spinning of high quality cotton yarn from Ne 5.5s to Ne 110s in Ring
       spinning system and 85,000 to 120,000 rotor rpm in OE spinning

      Spinning of high quality p/v, p/c, acrylic and polypropylene yarn in
      white and fibre dyed sorts.

      Spinning of pure wool and poly wool yarn with various blend
      compositions in worsted system.

      Weaving of Denim on Rapier and Air Jet Looms.
      Weaving of Worsted and P/V suiting on projectile and rapier looms.

      Complete exposure of setting up and successfully running a Denim
      project of Rs. 1450 million producing 10 million metre of Classical
      and Fancy Ring Denim every year employing a total manpower of

      In this connection I have been fortunate enough to have good number
      of trips to Europe for getting updated with the most advance
      technology of Denim manufacturing.

6.0   The status with previous Employer, Raymond Denim :

6.1- The position in the organisation:
     Designated as Works Manager the number two positions in the plant
     reporting to Executive Director, the chief of the plant.

6.2- The Equipment dealt with

6.2.a- Spinning:
       Trutzschler, Marzoli, Muratec and Schlafhorst machinery to produce
       24 TPD quality yarn.

6.2.b- Post Spinning:
       Sucker Muller Hacoba Warping, Masters flexible dye range, Rotal
       sizing Vamatex double width Rapier looms with batching device and
       fabric inspection table, Cibi Tex finishing and sanforising range with
       Oshtoff singeing unit. Final inspection machines with computerised
       on line data recording system. Highly sophisticated testing laboratory
       capable to conduct rapid tests from fibre to fabric.

6.3- The responsibility and functional area:
     I was responsible for entire production activities, quality assurance,
     warehousing and despatch, excise, store and purchase activities,
     training of staff and operatives and above all, Building a team of
     highly motivated young men as my managers and operatives who
     proved their united caliber by commissioning this plant in a record
     time of 16 months ( 31st May 1995- Bhumipujan- 23rd October 1996

7.0   Status with Previous Employer, Soma Textiles& Ind. Ltd.
      Designated as Executive Director the number one position in the plant
      reporting to Managing Director of the company.

7.1- The resources:
     Soma Textiles Baramati Unit is 100% EOU with ISO 9001 and EMS
     14001 certification producing 100% combed cotton yarn from Ne 30s
     to Ne 80s with Rieter preparatory, Lakshmi spinning, Schlafhorst D
     type winding and Prerna twisting. Sliver data and Ring data for on
     line monitoring. Highly sophisticated testing laboratory from
     Zellveger Uster.
     Plant and machinery balanced with 30,240 spindles to produce 11000
     kg of average Ne 40s yarn every day.

7.2- The responsibility and functional area:
     As Unit in charge I was responsible for the profit and loss of the
     company. As a professional I was managing the show by utilising the
     resources at optimum level, which include purchase of raw material,
     High degree of maintenance, strict process control for quality
     adherence, timely shipment and quick response to customer feed back
     and above all building a team of dedicated people to produce
     consistent quality as a result we were able to retain our valued

8.0   Status with present employer, GRS Industries Ltd.

      G. R. Silk Mills is a weaving unit in Ludhiana having 96 air jet looms
      manufacturing 40000 metre of cotton, p/v and worsted fabric for

 GRS Industries Ltd. is a new project of G.R. Silk Mills, having set
up to manufacture 20 MMPA cotton fabric for RMG including
6MMPA Denim with Ring and Rotor spinning, Airjet and Rapier
weaving, Rope dyeing, CDR and complete range of cotton fabric

At present Spinning section having Ring Spinning with compact yarn
and Rieter R-40 Open End machines have started to produce 20 TPD

Designated as President, I was responsible for overall activities of
both the units G.R. Silk Mills and GRS Industries Ltd. I left the
organization on 31st August 2010 due to medical emergency in my

R.S. Verma
Yavatmal – 10th October 2010


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