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									                    Occupational Health Policy Quiz 2011

Latex Screening

1. What is the blood test that is completed when latex sensitivity is
2. Would a referral be made to dermatology even if the RAST were negative
to latex?

Glove Use Policy

3. Why are gloves worn?
4. When can latex gloves only be used?

Diarrhoea & Vomiting Policy

5. How long should healthcare workers be excluded from work.
6. When should a stool sample be submitted?


7. Why is occupational spirometry performed?
8. How do you ensure there has been a good test completed?

OH protocol for sickness and annual leave notification

9. What form(s) should be submitted to your manager from the 8th day of
10. What percentage of annual leave must be taken before January each

OH procedure for one-off OH services

11. How many appointments are offered for a one-off service?
12. What type of identification is acceptable as proof of ID?

OH Treatment protocol

13. If a member of staff attends OHD in an emergency, list who they could be
seen by or referred to?

14. If it is felt that an employee could benefit from a specialist appointment or
specific investigation being expedited what could OH do?

15. How many counsellors do we have and how many sessions will
Occupational Health fund?

16. When can a counsellor divulge confidentiality?

Hep C Testing

17. Name 5 groups of EPP health care workers
18. When can a health care worker who has had Hep C resume EPP?

Occupational Health Services

19. Name 5 services provided by Occupational Health.

20. Give 2 aims of Occupational Health.

MMR Protocol

21. What evidence do we need from employees regarding the MMR
vaccination for pre placement assessment?

22. What is the management of staff that are exposed to mumps?

Substance Misuse

23. Name three roles or responsibilities of the Occupational Health
practitioner in relation to staff and substance misuse.

24. Name four warning signs that may indicate misuse of substance.

Audiometry Protocol

25. What is the purpose of Audiometry?

26. What are the relevant HSE Regulations

HIV and AIDS Policy

27. What are the aims of the policy?

28. What is the only exclusion for the employee
Tuberculosis Protocol

29. What specific risk assessment should be undertaken before BCG is

30. What health surveillance should be done?

Mantoux Protocol Questions

31. What are the indications for a Mantoux Test?
32. What is the induration measurement that would indicate a CXR is

Well Person Protocol

33. What are the BMI categories

34. At what level should a person be referred to GP for Blood Pressure

Medical Clearance for Doctors

35. Which vaccinations do we offer to Clinical Attachments?

36. If a Doctor has a BCG scar but has been overseas for the last 6 months,
what action should we take?

37. All Doctors new to EPP in the NHS require validated bloods taking for
BBVs. The first part of this legislation commenced in? and was updated more
recently, which years?

38. Before health clearance can be given and not including BBVs what
information do all Doctors have to provide with regard to vaccinations and
blood tests?

OH Protocol for VDU users

39. Before an employee can have a VDU eye test what action should the
manager have taken?

40. Employees can have a full eye test if required at which opticians?

Vaccine Storage
41. What actions should be taken when vaccines arrive in the department
from pharmacy?

42. How long can vaccines be left out of the fridge before they need to be

The Management of Inoculation injuries by OH

43. Following an inoculation injury when would you give a Hepatitis B

44. How many years is saved blood stored for?

Management of Sharps Injuries (PAT/IC14)

45. If a source patient refuses to have bloods taken, what can be done?

46. If the source patient is unknown, or known to be Hepatitis C positive,
when should bloods be taken from recipient and for what?

Pre Placement Screening

47. Group 1 staff are considered to be EPP who are they?

48. If statement A is circled what action should be taken?

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