Instructions Update Emergency Contacts BIC by mpU36R


									Instructions to Update Personal and Emergency Contact Information in BIC

      Log into BIC at
      Click on the BannerWeb tab.
      Click on Personal Information. You should see this link below the:
       Welcome, “Your Name”, to Belmont's Web Information System!
      You can now view and update addresses and phone numbers, email and emergency contact
      Please review and update your home and work addresses. If you update your home address,
       please also email the Office of Human Resources so we can update the information with our
       insurance providers.
      As you review your work address, please add the building and room number if available to assist
       us with our emergency management plan. For example, if the campus was physically damaged
       due to a weather emergency, it would be critical for emergency workers to know the physical
       location where each of our employees worked.
      Please review and update the emergency contacts list. You can add a number of contacts in
       priority order in case of emergency. You should review this list at least annually for any updates
       to the names and addresses of those you wish us to contact in the event of an emergency.

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