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					Access to Learning Fund
Emergency Summer Fund 2011/12
Accompanying Guidance Notes
What is the Emergency Summer Fund?
The Emergency Summer Fund is a cash limited hardship fund that which operates
for a limited period of the summer vacation. The funds are part of the Access to
Learning Fund (ALF), this s a limited allocation of money provided by the
Government to assist students. This summer fund is aimed at assisting students who
fall into unexpected hardship over the summer vacation. However, as the fund is
cash limited it will not be possible to meet all costs for all applicants or to assist all

Am I eligible to apply?
Yes if you meet all the following criteria:
            You are a continuing year student and returning to your course in
            You are a home student and you have applied for the maximum
             student loans you are eligible for
            You were fully enrolled for 2011/12 (if you were repeating without
             attendance you are not eligible)
* If you have completed your degree or you are a student who is returning to enrol on
another course e.g. a PGCE course in September you are not eligible to apply

If you are eligible for student loans (tuition fee and maintenance) you must have
applied for your maximum entitlement of these in academic year 2011/12. We verify
this by checking your Student Finance Breakdown and your Payment Timetable
(your bank statements showing all your student loan credits may also confirm this).
If you applied to the ALF between September 2011 and May 2012, we will have
already checked this. Therefore you will not need to re submit these documents, if
you have not applied this academic year then we will need to verify your eligibility by
checking your 2010/11 finance breakdown and payment timetable (see what
documents do I need to submit).

If you have an outstanding Emergency Hardship Loan from this or any previous
academic year, you are not eligible to apply to this scheme. If you repay this loan in
full in order to be eligible to apply, your application must be submitted before the
closing date.
Please see http://www.mmu.ac.uk/studentfinance for full eligibility details.

If you are a lone parent or a disabled student, you may be eligible for benefits over
the summer period and should have made an application for these benefits. This
fund is cash limited and as such, priority will be given to those students who do not
have access to any welfare benefits over the summer vacation.
If you are unsure whether you are eligible for benefits please contact the Students’
Union Advice Centre on 0161 247 6533 or s.u.advice@mmu.ac.uk or the Student
Financial Support team on 0161 247 1045 or studentfinance@mmu.ac.uk

How do I apply?
By completing an application form, which you can download from
You must submit documentation to support your application. Please ensure you
read these notes before you complete the form in order to prevent any delays in your
application being processed.
If you do not complete all the relevant sections and submit all the requested
documents, your application will be returned to you and will not be processed.

When do I apply?
Application forms and guidance notes are available to download from
www.mmu.ac.uk/studentfinance. All applications must be submitted by 4.30pm on
Friday 6th July.
                 Scheme opens Monday 25th June 2012
                 Scheme closes Friday 6th July 2012

Due to strict financial end of year deadlines applications cannot be accepted
later than the advertised deadline.
Please note however, it is your responsibility to ensure that your form is received
before the closing date. If you are posting your form, please ensure you have paid
the correct postage. If you are handing the form in at the University please ensure
you retain your receipt. Forms received after the closing date will not be assessed.

What documents do I need to submit with my application form?
The documents listed on the checklist, plus any documents you feel are relevant to
your application. You should be able to obtain copies of your Student Finance
Breakdown and your Payment Timetable by logging into your account at

Can I apply for help with my tuition fees?
No, government regulations state that awards cannot be made from this fund to meet
the cost of tuition fees.

Am I likely to receive an award?
As this fund is a discretionary cash-limited fund it is not possible to predict whether
you will receive an award or not. We have limited funds and as such we will not be
able to support all applicants, or all the needs of all applicants. Any awards made
will be minimal and will only be a contribution towards your costs.

Will you take into consideration my debts?
We are aware that many students struggle to manage on the level of statutory
support provided and will incur debts. Due to the limited funding available we will be
restricted on what assistance we can provide towards your debts. We may be able
to provide some assistance with priority debts but this is dependent upon the
availability of funds and your particular circumstances. We will expect however, that
you take reasonable steps to address your debts and work out a realistic repayment
plan. If assistance is awarded it may only be a contribution towards your basic living
costs it will not be to repay your debts.

When will I hear?
As this fund is an emergency fund, we will process applications as quickly as
possible. The assessment process however is dependent upon your application
being complete and your submission of the required documentation. The application
cycle is open for two weeks and we must process all payment requests before the
end of the financial year. If you do not submit a complete application there may not
be time for your application to be processed if we have to contact you for further

The complexity and volume of applications submitted also impacts on the
assessment time and we are unable to predict this. All applications will be dealt with
strictly in date order. We aim to despatch letters of notification during the week
beginning 23rd July 2012, if this date changes we will email you at your MMU and
personal email address to notify you of the revised date.

What happens next?
Once your application has been checked for completeness you will be sent an email
to your MMU student and personal email confirming receipt of your application and
the date we received it. All decisions will be notified in writing to your
correspondence address. We cannot discuss the progress of an application as this
slows down the rate of processing applications; nor can we give information
regarding the result of your application over the telephone.

Do I have to attend an interview?
No, but a member of the Student Financial Support team may need to contact you if
we require clarification of some aspect of your application or it is incomplete.

Who will see my application form?
Please see the confidentiality statement on the application form. All applications are
treated confidentially throughout the process.

Do I have to repay the money?
Any award from this scheme is a grant and as such is non-repayable.

Where do I send my form?
First of all please check that you have completed all sections of the form and
attached all the relevant documents, and that you have signed and dated your
application form.

You can either post your form or hand it in as detailed below:

By post:
             Student Financial Support
             Room 2.01
             Business School and Student Hub
             Manchester Metropolitan University
             All Saints Campus
             Oxford Road
             M15 6BH

By hand:

             Student Hub, Ground Floor, Business School, All Saints Campus

The Students’ Union Advice Centre offers a free service on all the main issues that
affect students at MMU, including advice on how to budget and manage your
finances. They may be able to offer you further help and advice in completing your
application form.   You can telephone them on 0161 247 6533 or email

What if I’m not happy with the decision?
As previously explained the summer fund is a limited fund, which cannot meet the
needs of all applicants or all the needs of applicants. We hope that by reading these

guidance notes and the aims of the fund you will understand why we have come to
the decision we have. If however, you believe we have made a material error in our
assessment you may request a review of your application or appeal against the
outcome. This must be made within one week of the date of the original decision
(this is indicated on the letter) and you must re-submit all your original supporting
documents, together with a clear specification of the information you consider
relevant to your case.

You will receive a written response to your appeal in due course; the time this takes
will vary and no timescale can be given. Having considered and adjudicated on the
appeal, the decision of the Assessment, Complaints and Appeals Manager is final.
Your Appeal should be addressed to the Assessment, Complaints and Appeals
Manager and handed in at the Hub as detailed above or posted to the address
detailed above.


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