FINAL Strategic Plan Summary by ceb49Y


                                                    Strategic Plan Summary

Mission Statement: Crisis Nursery creates an "Island of Safety" dedicated to the prevention of
child abuse and neglect by providing 24-hour emergency care for children and support to
strengthen families in crisis.

                                      5 Year Vision

Crisis Nursery will improve the organization by expanding services and collaborating
with partners to meet the diverse and growing needs of our clients and community.
Through targeted fundraising efforts, Crisis Nursery will increase its financial stability to
remain an independent and autonomous organization that is able to evolve to meet the
unique needs of the community. The organization will provide an environment where all
staff and volunteers feel supported and encouraged to further our mission of keeping
children safe from harm.

Goal #1: Expand Program to Meet Gaps in Service
    Increase age of children served through 6 years old (completed January 2012)
    Increase awareness of our programs and services throughout our diverse

Goal #2: Develop and Establish Revenue Streams to Support Program
Goals and the Needs of the Nursery
    Create targeted campaigns to secure a minimum of 25 $1,800 “Day at the Nursery”
      gifts to help support programming requirements
    Formalize and market a planned giving program to donors

Goal #3: Ensure Adequate Facilities for Delivering Mission
    Increase building safety and security
    Acquire land to expand and invest in the Crisis Nursery facility; including the
      expansion of the parking lot

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