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 Enables Timely and Relevant Business Insight Through Consulting Expertise and Validated
         Solutions for Presenting, Analyzing, and Cost Effectively Managing Data

HOPKINTON, Mass. – November 4, 2009 – EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader
in information infrastructure solutions, today announced expanded services and solutions for
Microsoft Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Mission-Critical SQL Server
environments. The new offerings demonstrate EMC’s commitment to helping organizations
fully leverage their information for better insight, decision making and competitive advantage.

        “The performance and stability of applications — whether line of business, transactional
or business intelligence — hinges in part on the smooth integration between the information
platform and information infrastructure on which it is deployed,” said Tom Casey, general
manager for SQL Server at Microsoft Corp. “The combination of Microsoft software with EMC
services and solutions makes it more predictable and more cost effective for customers to deploy
these technologies as a scalable information asset in their IT organizations.”
New Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Contact Center Services and Solutions
        New services and solutions from EMC provide customers with a more robust portfolio of
offerings to enable relevant data insight and analysis, as well as increased efficiency managing
and storing their enormous volumes of data. EMC Consulting helps organizations maximize the
benefits of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, a scalable Business Intelligence (BI) platform, through
expanded BI framework offerings, including pre-built data models to support Microsoft Fast
Track data warehouse configurations. This powerful combination accelerates the time to
information and analysis, while reducing costs, increasing productivity and reducing risk. EMC
Consulting also announces the availability of additional services focused on delivering analytics
and insight for infrastructure and storage management and contact center management.

      EMC Data Warehouse Services— Enable organizations to create the most effective
       methods for collecting, consolidating, and organizing the business-critical data that is
       required for business intelligence and pervasive analytics. EMC consultants expand
       Microsoft Fast Track implementations using EMC’s BI Accelerator Framework, which
       dramatically reduces development time and effort. The Framework contains prebuilt and
       predesigned industry data models that present data to users in a way that is consistent
       with how they view their business, dramatically improving user adoption rates. EMC can
       configure databases for OLAP cubes that quickly provide answers to multi-dimensional
       analytical queries and eliminate wait time on report queries, enabling easy root cause
      EMC Business Intelligence for Infrastructure Service—Improves decision making by
       providing real-time visibility into the infrastructure that runs the business. It provides a
       business intelligence system that extends current IT reporting and analysis systems by
       providing clients with the ability to perform key performance indicator (KPI)-based
       reporting, analytics, and alerting of storage, database, operating system and networking
       metrics. Using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft PerformancePoint Server, EMC
       consultants integrate these metrics and analyze performance and capacity data over time,
       incorporating KPI-based trend analysis and forecasting capabilities to measure data
       collected against business goals.
      EMC Contact Center Services and Solutions—Provide a holistic view of contact
       management operations by helping organizations to clarify their contact center strategy
       and business goals and then deploy a roadmap to realize these goals. Benefits include
       optimized contact center performance and process improvement, real-time visibility and
       improved decision making, and increased productivity.

   “Working together, Microsoft and EMC bring SQL Server to mission-critical computing
environments helping customers regain control of their infrastructure” said EMC’s Dave Cox,
Vice President, EMC Consulting. “EMC consultants have years of experience helping customers
achieve their business objectives by combining Microsoft and EMC technologies, providing
unparalleled Microsoft subject-matter expertise, and proven methodologies to address the
challenges of managing complex environments and maximizing the value of their information.”

EMC Proven™ Solutions increase infrastructure efficiency and lower TCO

         EMC is also expanding its portfolio of EMC Proven Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server
2008 to enable customers to address their requirements for lower TCO, consolidation,
virtualization, performance, scalability and availability. EMC Proven Solutions are rigorously
tested, end-to-end solutions designed to address the most pressing IT problems—from universal
challenges like business continuity to specialized application requirements. Each solution is
built, tested and documented for a broad set of common customer workloads and uses cases
ensuring fast, predictable, and measurable results. One new solution shows how organizations
can leverage storage tiering to keep frequently used data on the fastest enterprise Flash drives,
and move infrequently used data to less expensive SATA disk drive types – while protecting the
SQL databases – all without impacting the host CPU cycles. This allows for maximum
performance for mission-critical data, keeps the storage footprint and power consumption to a
minimum, and reduces the total cost of ownership.

        EMC is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with eleven competencies, a Global Systems
Integrator, a Global Alliance Partner, a Worldwide ISV and a winner of 20 Microsoft Partner of
the Year Awards.
About EMC Consulting

EMC Consulting provides the strategic guidance and technology expertise organizations need to
manage their business and information infrastructure challenges and derive the maximum value
from their information assets and investments. EMC Consulting helps customers, including more
than half of the Global Fortune 500 Companies, leverage information in new ways to navigate
challenging market conditions and excel in the information economy. By offering broad
consulting expertise across organizations’ business, applications and infrastructure architectures,
as well as industry expertise in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Communications/Media/
Entertainment, Retail, and innovative user experience and design, EMC Consulting delivers the
transformational thinking and execution required to turn the potential of information into
actionable strategies and business results.

About EMC

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world’s leading developer and provider of information
infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way
they compete and create value from their information. Information about EMC’s products and
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