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									Battle of Hastings
     Kevin Kerr

Why   When           Bayuex     Interesting   Conclusion
                     Tapestry   facts
  • Why was there the battle of Hastings? The king of
    England, Edward the Confessor, died suddenly without
    any direct heir. Many people took claim to the throne. One
    was the famous William the Conqueror, then known as the
    Duke of Normandy. Harold Godwinson said the king’s
    death wish was for him to be the king. Harold Hadrada
    said he was related to king cantune who ruled England
    during 1016-1032. Edgar Aetheling claimed he was the
    closet living relative to Edward the confessor.

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•    Around 9:30 in the morning William ordered his archers to start firing
    and his cavalry to attack the Housecarl shield wall. But the shield wall
    was increasingly strong and William suffered many casualties while
    fighting uphill. But theQu ickTime ™ a nd a
                              battle raged on. Midday some Normans
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    retreated do to fierce fighting. Some Housecarls, anticipating victory
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    over this group, left formation. A rumor started going around that
    duke William was dead. What if he was deadwhat would they do
    now? But when h heard this absurdity he called out and showed his
    face to prove that he wasn’t dead.
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• The small Saxon force that ran down the hill was
  surrounded by cavalry and got their faces ripped
  off. The Normans needed away to defeat this
  wall. William remembered how the Housecarls
  ran after the retreating Normans. William ordered
  a false retreat. The Housecarls anticipating a win
  rushed down the hill after them cavalry
  surrounded them and they too got their faces
  ripped off. Hooray, William won. Not so sadly
  Harold Godwinson died in the fight.
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Bayuex Tapestry
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•   The Bayeux Tapestry is a 230 foot 20 inch tall embroidery. It described the
    events of the battle of hastings. Contains hundreds of scenes depicting the
    event leading up to the battle and the battle. Though the tapestry doenst depict
    the battle with hadrada that hasting had before the Senlac.
Interesting Facts
•   Their were many differences in the stragys of the english and normans, The
    english spend the night drinking and being merry and altogether partieing. On
    the other hand the Normans spent the night confessing their sins to God. The
    English also had to battle the Vikings, while have hang overs, that were trying
    for the throne too. And his troops had to walk 300 miles in 9 days to meet
    Willaim and stop him from setting up a base on englands land.

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• The battle of Hasting was one of the bloodiest battles in the history of
  England. The out affected the history of England and maybe the world
  depending on the way you at it. William lost nothing in comparison to
  Hastings, who lost it all. The way the Baeyux tapestry treats the battle
  is quite interesting and the reasons why William won were very well
   thought out. Any one could tell William was going to win.

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