The Certified Appraisal Program has been established to train individuals to appraise or
value embroidery from a monetary and historical perspective. The Appraisal Program has been
planned as a combination of organization provided instruction and self-directed study that
includes exercises in needlework observation, research, and a formal apprenticeship in appraisal
        To fulfill the requirements of this program, the candidate must attend an EGA sponsored
class in Embroidery Appraisals for Insurance/Fair Market Value/Donations, fulfill the
requirement in judging needlework, complete an EGA Appraisal Apprenticeship, write a
research paper for the EGA Appraisal manual, and pass the final exam. The program has been
designed to be completed in 1-5 years. If the student does not complete the requirements in 5
years, the student may reenroll in the program at full fee.

                                 APPRAISAL INSTRUCTION

Part l: EGA Class in Embroidery Appraisals for Insurance, Fair Market Value, and

        This 4-day class will provide instruction on how to appraise needlework for the purposes
of insurance, fair market value, and donations. The class will provide basic historical needlework
information on materials and design trends, techniques, and stitches. There will be information
on conducting referenced research, ethics, client relationships, fees, and other professional
concerns. There will be a discussion on IRS appraisal regulations for the purpose of a tax
        This class will be offered yearly. The location and dates of this class will vary according
to the needs and decision of the EGA education program. The 2009 EGA Appraisal class will be
held June 11-14 (Thursday-Sunday), 2009 at the Embroidery Museum and Resource Center In
Louisville, Kentucky. In 2009 the cost of the EGA Appraisal class is $400. This fee does NOT
include the certification program. The certification program is an additional fee of $375 for
EGA members and $450 for non-EGA members.

Part II. Research Assignment.

       Every candidate accepted into the EGA Appraisal Program will receive one copy of the
EGA Appraisal Manual. This manual serves as a reference guide to aid in the identification of
multiple types of needlework. The manual is updated periodically with referenced research
from EGA Certified Appraisers and EGA Appraisal program candidates.
       As an EGA Appraisal Certification Candidate, an individual will select and submit a
topic (or topics) for approval and write a referenced research report in an approved manner of
the EGA Appraisal Manual. When approved by the program chairman, this report will become
part of the EGA Appraisal Manual with credit given to the author.
Part III. Attendance at EGA Judging Class(es).

      The judging class(es) will provide exercises in needlework identification along with
evaluation of skill level in design, stitches, techniques, and finishing for contemporary
embroidery. The cost of the EGA judging class(es) is(are) not included in the EGA Appraisal
Program fee.

The candidate can fulfill this requirement by either:
  1. Attending one 2-day EGA sponsored class in judging needlework
  2. Attending two 1-day EGA sponsored Winning Ways Presentations

        Individuals who take either combination of judging classes 2 years prior to enrollment
into the EGA Appraisal Certification Program may count that attendance toward fulfilling the
judging requirement. Proof of attendance must be provided to receive credit. For individuals
who hold credentials as either an EGA Certified Judge or an EGA Master Judge, this
requirement is waived.

Part IV. Complete an EGA Appraisal Apprenticeship with an EGA Certified Appraiser.

        Each appraisal candidate will serve an apprenticeship under the guidance of an EGA
Certified Appraiser. Each EGA Appraisal Apprentice Candidate will:

       1. Submit 20 professional appraisals for review and approval to the assigned mentor.
          The appraisals should be presented for approval as the appraisals are conducted. A
          professional appraisal is defined as an appraisal for which one receives financial
       2. Determine if there are any license and/or tax requirements for personal property
          appraisers in the candidate’s state or country. If there are either license or tax
          requirements, a report must be written on those requirements. If there are no license
          or tax requirements, state the research process involved to confirm this information.

Part V. Pass a Final Exam

The final exam will consist of two parts:
   1. A written exam
   2. An oral exam

        A written test (multiple choice, short answer, and essay) will cover the different types of
appraisals, ethics issues, IRS appraisal regulations, important dates in needlework design and
materials history, identification of various types of embroidery, stitches, and techniques. The
written exam will take place either at the Embroidery Museum and Resource Center (EGA
Headquarters - EMRC) or at the EGA National Seminar.
                                 ENROLLMENT IN THE PROGRAM

        The EGA Certified Needlework Appraisal program is open to all individuals who have
attended an EGA sponsored Insurance/Fair Market Appraisal class. The cost, payable in full at
the beginning of the program, is $375 for EGA members and $450 for non-members. This fee
includes a copy of the current EGA Appraisal Manual, the cost of the final exam, the
certification pin, and certificate. The EGA Certified Needlework Appraisal Program fee does
not include the cost of the EGA Appraisal class or any EGA Judging classes.
                The EGA Appraisal class will be held every year. The location will vary
according to the needs and decision of the EGA education program. The following explains the
enrollment process for the EGA Appraisal class:

    1. January 2: Enrollment opens for the EGA Appraisal class at the Embroidery Museum and
       Resource Center in Louisville, KY. All registrations that are postmarked or
       electronically sent by January 10 will be considered as first day enrollment. The
       class is limited to 15 individuals. If there are more than 15 applicants, acceptance will be
       by lottery. Acceptance letters will be sent out on or before February 1.
    2. February 1 - May 1: Any openings in the appraisal class will be filled by a first come,
       first serve basis. Please contact the Embroidery Museum and Resource Center for
    3. In the years that the EGA Appraisal class is offered at national Seminar (2010, 2013),
       registration will take place in accordance with the registration procedures for that specific

         In case a student must cancel the class after payment is made, a refund will be made up to
     May 1, minus a handling fee of $40.00. After May 1, refunds minus a handling fee will be
     paid in the event of student’s or immediate family’s illness or death.
                                     EGA Appraisal Class Application
Class Fee is $400 Enrollment opens January 2

Name (please print or type)_______________________________________________________
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Chapter _______________________________ EGA Member Number____________________
Preferred telephone number__________Email Address_________________________________
Method of Payment:
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Return form with payment to:

EGA, 426 West Jefferson Street ,Louisville, KY 40202

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