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					A small entreprise centric
        cluster for growth
                     24 August 2012
               Jean-François Boisson
                VP International cooperation
                          +33 6 74 98 47 06
France, a major country for aero and space industries

   18 mai 2010
The 3 French Aerospace clusters and GIFAS

GIFAS, is the Union of top industrialists and OEM’s
    Represent and coordinate business and industrial activities
    Defend the interests of the industrialists in France and World
    Promote image of French Industry (Le Bourget) and organise training

« Poles de compétitivité » or clusters for competitiveness are private
organizations awarded & funded by the French State to implement the industrial
state policy
   To improve innovation capability
   To develop growth and jobs toward promising markets
 By the leverage of
  Partnerships with foreign/EU key players
  Collaborative strategic projects
  Building the most favorable ecosystem :
    funding, innovation, international, competences, Industrial property (PI), ICT use

EACP network of 40 European aerospace Clusters

  18 mai 2010
        The 3 French Aerospace Clusters

Each Pôle has 2 focus
    Development of core industries of
     their Region - proximity effect
    Thinking & drawing the future

                                                           Ile de France
                                                      General aircrafts


                                         Industrial processes
                                                                    Provence Alpes C.Azur
                                          Embedded systems
                                                                        New aircrafts
                                                                       for new usages

  18 mai 2010
            Small Medium Entreprise - SME

       < 250 staff
       < 50 M€ turn Over
       < 25% capital hold by a larger group

       SME creates 85% of net jobs in EU last 5 years
       In a market growing by 6%, about 20% of SME’s have a growth of 30-40% per year
       Boosted by innovation and internationalization support state initiatives, SME’s are :
          • less dependent from larger groups
          • diversify their activity toward fast growing market and international
          • Target other’s industrial sectors mainly for those in the electronic engineering

   Take benefit from EU, state and Regional
   support programs such as
   « Think    small First »
Place in the center SME’s change the view !

     18 mai 2010
         Aerospace : an Highly segmented domain

Aerospace Sectors                                  Industrial and operation value chain
• Large airplane OEM’s : Airbus, …                 • capacity sub-contractor, maily mechanics
• Large helicopter OEM : Eurocopter, …             • Electronic engineering and production
• Defence OEM’s : EADS, Dassault                   • Equipments and electronic systems
• Satellites                                       • Engines
• Launchers                1910
                                                   • Trials and certification
• In flight trial                                  • MRO
• Small OEM’s                                      • Operations and exploitation
     –   UAV’s Mini/MALE                           • Airport’s management
         Light helicopters
         Light airplanes and glides
                                                   • Large air based solutions such as hazard
                                                     management (forest fires - air pollution)
         Airships heavyload transportation >100T   • Supporting services
         Stratospheric UAV’s 20-40 km                   –   Documentation
     –   « ekranoplanes »                               –   Certification process
• Airport engineering                                   –   Tech assistance
                                                        –   R&D studies and prototyping
Not easy to play in various sector due to
different business behavior                        Certification and conformance to standarts

         18 mai 2010
  Strategic issues to Cluster’s governance

How to identify SME’s with fast growing capabilities ?

How to identify those SME near to have potential to move to former category ?

How to manage them ? How to support them ?

What is the budget for required effort ?

How to define a supporting program for ALL members

How to make most competitive Value Chains and efficient industrial processes ?

What are the duties of OEM’s ? Value chain responsibility more that supply chain

  18 mai 2010
                 Leverage for growth

Accompanying measures depending management maturity                      level
To organize Mix and intensity of the 5 levels        for growth
    Collaborative Innovation :
      • technology, business model, services

    HR/Competences :
      • training programs,
      • identification and attract the best skills

  International and export
      • Collaborative R&D and best practices exchange by use of French/Russian or EU
        programs funding instruments
      • Support for joint venture agreements or simple added value distribution deals
      • Support for settlement in foreign country and industrial investments
      • Attractiveness program because deals have to be balanced for long term coop

  ICT-use : managing change toward more ICT use in whole value chain and
     industrial and business processes integration among organizations

  Social and Environmental Responsibility toward sustainable world
  18 mai 2010
                Collaboration is the KEY

To focus on main competences, core business and core technologies
To increase cross-business among cluster members
To approach larger projects, larger WP’s and contracts

However, it is a long process to understand that collaboration is fruitful for each

Different types of collaboration depending on domains
            – Supply chain integration : to propose a unique excellence and expertise
            – Value chain improvement : to fill empty slots & to complete the Value chain
              mainly for new domains such UAV’s or air based solutions
            – Large complex projects such as : airships for heavy load transportation or
              environmental hazard management
            – R&D projects : mainly to remove technological barriers

Cooperation guidelines :
value creation , project management, funding, deliverables, Intellectual property

  18 mai 2010
           How clusters are managing SME’s

1.   Organize and inform members to
     create mutual understanding, to raise trust, to improve management maturity
2.   To set up R&D collaborative projects French or EU or International funding's
3.   To organize the most competitive ecosystem for growth
                     a. To maximize Funding and innovation
                     b. To train or to attract the best Competences
                     c. To accelerate networking effect by focused International cooperation
                     d. To organize best supporting partners : banks, IP experts,
                     e. To assess the value creation of the ecosystems : Provence, Ulyanovsk
4.   To evaluate growth capabilities of SME’s
5.   To define action plan toward SME’s based on a mix of the 5 leverages
6.   To manage the full business process : from Idea to market
7.   To set up platform equipments open to research, and to SME’s use :
     NumAIRic (simulation), VR, Human Factor, Mechanic and rapid prototyping
8.   To specialize industrial parks : helicopters logistic, simulation/trials, Operations,
     light aircrafts

       18 mai 2010
French clusters are opened to cooperate more with Russia

   To assist Russian regional gov to implement SME’s centric cluster for growth and

   To develop balanced deals
   because each want to develop jobs at home
   but want access foreign markets

   To raise collaborative R&D projects or technology exchange
   by organizing once a year a bilateral conference and Market

   To improve trust among the players by having clearly defined rules for capital,
   IPR, contracts,

   To broaden the scope of traditional aerospace manufacturing to new areas such
       UAV’s, large Airships, electricity powered aircrafts, …
       Large solutions for new usages such as hazard management or environmental obs
       New promising technologies such as nanotech's, noise reduction, sensors

     18 mai 2010
      большое спасибо

      Jean-François BOISSON
      Pôle Pégase,

      Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region
18 mai 2010

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