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									                                                Hull LINk e-News

August 2008                                                                                        Issue 1

       In This Issue             Welcome to the first email bulletin of Hull LINk, the
                                 new Local Involvement Network. Hull LINk aims to
 Introducing Hull LINk          give communities a stronger voice in health and
 Hull LINk Starts Work
                                 social care services. We’ll be using these emails to
                                 keep you informed of our work, and also to
 Meet The Team
                                 publicise information and events concerning health
 Hospitals Consultation
                                 and social care which may be of interest.

                                 Introducing Hull LINk
                                 Local Involvement Networks (LINks) are the new system of public
Sites in relation to             involvement in health and social care. They are being set up across England
articles:                        as part of the government’s plans to give communities a stronger voice in             how services are planned and run. LINks are independent networks of local
Hull LINk website                people and groups, and their role is to find out what people want from their
                                 services, and to use their legal powers to investigate issues of concern and
                                 hold services to account. For more information on LINks visit the
Hull CVS website - The host
organisation for the Hull LINk   Department of Health site here.                    Hull CVS has been awarded the contract to host the Hull LINk for the next
The Department of Health         three years. As host, their role is to work with the community to set up Hull
website                          LINk and to hold its finances. Although they are bound by regulations
                                 concerning governance, there is no set structure that LINks must follow.
                                 How Hull LINk operates will be largely determined by the wishes of the
Hull and East Yorkshire
Hospitals NHS Trust website      local community. A key principle of our work is to be inclusive and to
                                 represent everyone in the community, including those who don’t often have
                                 an opportunity to give their views.

       Contact Us
                                 Hull LINk Starts Work
Staff Team                       To support the early development of Hull LINk an Interim Steering Group        has been recruited made up of people with experience and knowledge of
                                 health and social care issues from a user perspective. It includes         representatives of voluntary and community groups and people who were           involved in the old Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Forums. This group
                                 will develop governance arrangements and consult with people interested
                                 in the work of Hull LINk on what its priorities should be.
Office Details                   We anticipate that by October permanent governance arrangements will be
                                 in place, at which point Hull LINk’s members will elect a Steering Group and
Centre 88
                                 this temporary group will stand down.
Saner Street
                                 Other early items of work for Hull LINk are: publicity and marketing;
Anlaby Road                      membership recruitment; researching priority issues; community
Hull                             engagement; and developing relationships with key bodies in health and
                                 social care. A public event to launch Hull LINk is planned for the autumn.
                              People and groups who have expressed interest in Hull LINk will soon be
                              receiving a membership form. Becoming a member (either as an individual
                              or as a group) means you’ll be able to have a say in how Hull LINk is run
                              and in the work it does, and we’ll also be able to keep you up to date with
tel: 01482 221372
                              our progress.
fax: 01482 221537
                              If you would like to join Hull LINk either as a group or an individual
email:    click here to email us with your details.

                              Meet the Team
                              Three members of staff have been recruited to work in the new Hull LINk
                              office at Centre 88:
                                     Steve Kimberley is the LINk Manager and his role is to manage the
                                      day to day work of Hull LINk and lead on the work programme and
                                      performance management. Email
                                     Jonathan Appleton is the LINk Engagement Worker and his role is to
                                      engage people and groups in Hull LINk, collect research and support
                                      LINk volunteers. Email
                                     Martin Craven is the LINk Administrator and his role is to lead on
                                      Hull LINk’s communications and to manage the database. Email
                              Do get in touch if you would like further information on Hull LINk or would
                              like to discuss any aspect of our work.

                              Hospitals Consultation
                              Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust has launched a public
                              consultation on its plans to become a Foundation Trust. Comments can be
                              made in writing and there will also be a number of events. The consultation
                              runs until 5 October 2008 and more details are available on their website

  This bulletin goes to people and groups across Hull who are interested in improving health and social
                                              care services.

   Do you have an item you would like to see included or an event to promote? Contact us for help in
                                sending information via this bulletin.

   This email is a regular bulletin sent by Hull LINk to all its contacts. If you are not currently receiving
 information directly into your mailbox, and would like to subscribe, please send your full mailing details

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