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									                                    DIGITAL AV COMPETITION ENTRY FORM
                                         Canadian Association for Photographic Art

      Before creating your AV entry, please review Page 9 of the 20112-13 CAPA Competitions Guide
By submitting an entry to this competition, CAPA individual members/participants and Clubs agree that such
entries may be retained and duplicated by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art for exhibition,
publication, promotion, education.
For Club entries and Family Entries (more than one entrant) include names of all participants/photographers in
the “Photographers” section at the bottom of this page.
Email this form to the host club (see email below), and send your Digital AV Show .exe file using a free file
transfer service like Pando multiple or "YouSendIt" -- to the host club . Please request email confirmation of

or transfer this completed entry form as a .doc, and your .exe show file, to a CD which is compatible with a
windows based computer, and mail to Donna Astbury, PO Box 547, Fort Langley, BC V1M 2R9 604-888-5402) to arrive no later than 1 May 2013 Please request email confirmation of receipt.

                                 Please use an X to indicate your selection.

Club:        Individual:    CAPA Club or Individual Membership #
Individual or Club Name:
Telephone No:                                   E-mail:
City:                                     Province:              Postal Code:
Entry Sent By: E-mail:      Mail        YouSendIt       Pando
Date Sent
Category:      Photo Essay
               Travel Essay

Running time (min, sec)                         Software used:

                               FOR ALL CAPA COMPETITIONS & EXHIBITIONS
Members/participants agree to permit CAPA to publish their images in Canadian Camera Magazine, on the CAPA
Website or use their images at any time for CAPA exhibition, publication, promotion, education. Entry into any
CAPA competition or exhibition implies acceptance of the above practice, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REFUSED
by marking an “x” prior to the image title on the competition entry form. Photographers are credited for their work.
CAPA recommends that the photographer obtain a model or music release for presentation and publication
purposes, prior to submitting the entry. The photographer, not CAPA, will be responsible for any legal issues.

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