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									                                    Stephanie D. Brady
                                            716 E.266 St.
                                          Euclid, Ohio 44132
                                        Phone: (216) 255-9299

           Computer Programmer and Administrator (Systems and Database)

    dkFlyer
        April 1993-Present
        Computer Programming, Administration and General
        Contract Computer Programmer:
             System and Database Administration
             Network Administration
             Tech Support
             Web site creation and management (Intranet and Internet)
             Programming in various languages
             Testing
             Installation
             Building (hardware)
        A Few Computing Examples:
             Set up and Administered multiple systems including Windows Server and Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris,
                 Red Hat Linux and MacX)
             Set up and Administered multiple databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL.
             TimeLine (Real Time) Production Management System – Assisted in the writing of Multi-User, Multi-
                 Threaded, Client-Server, Distributed Network, Web-Enabled (CGI with JavaScript and CSS plus Perl),
                 Real-Time and Database (ADO, ODBC) program in primarily Visual.Net (started with VB6) including
                 Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and ASP (Excel / Word / Crystal Reporting), and Java 5/6 (J2EE,
                 Applets, Servlets, JSP, JDO, JDBC, Web Services w/ XML) with NetBeans, with Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase,
                 MySQL, PostgreSQL and Access, with HTML Help and with PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) for
                 manufacturing, production and process control.
             I assisted in writing a Production Order Management software program in VB6 / MSSQL with Inventory to
                 interface Invoicing with QuickBooks (QDK) and reporting to Excel / Word.
             Created Chat program in VB6 w/ Winsock.
             I wrote a custom Web-Based Accounting Application using Informix 4GL with AIX to Microsoft SQL
                 with Javascript.
             I assisted in writing a cross-platform SQL Engine (written in C and C++) with (primarily) Perl, HTML, etc.
                 towards creating a Web-Database Prescription System.
             I assisted in writing the MCSE/MCP Practice Tests, written in Perl towards creating a free Web-Based
                 program to assist (over 550,000 people) in obtaining their own MCSE and MCP.
             I assisted in the programming in Visual Basic of a Virtual Database for a Health Care Program.
             I assisted in the programming in Visual FoxPro of a Database for a Large Enterprise System.
             I assisted in the creation of Internet Web Pages, Brochures and Pamphlets, Graphics Design, built and
                 repaired PC's, and performed System and Software Installations and Upgrades.
    Tri-C (still attending) for Computer Degree

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