Total Connect Wireless by B9mMB3if


									                                                                                         Spring 2010

                Spring is Almost Here and so is
                 Honeywell’s “Total Connect”
           Wireless Camera Video Services
                  Introducing the Total Connect suite of digital communication services
                                     a unique new offering that allows you to utilize the
                                       Internet, PDAs, cell phones and cameras to stay
                                                 connected to your home and business.

 Total Connect offers Basic
   or Enhanced services:
Basic services include
Short Message Service (SMS),
web-based remote system
control and e-mail
notification of events.
Once logged onto a secure
website, you can control your
security system and conduct
other tasks via a virtual
You can also receive alerts
through various messaging
devices, including cell phones
and PDAs to be notified of
activities in various areas of
your home or business.
                                      Revolutionizing Remote Control & Notification
       With Enhanced Services, you can receive video notification of system events from
      Wireless Cameras connected to your system. A picture or series of pictures can be sent to
       a PDA, cell phone or e-mail address upon an alarm or a pre-programmed event. You can
       initiate this process by requesting video from a mobile device or view live, streaming
                   video through a web browser on your laptop, blackberry or iPhone!

                          AE Security
                         (a division of 966101 AB Ltd.)
                        #19, 4511 Glenmore Trail SE
                        Calgary, Alberta T2C 2R9
                        Tel: 403-531-1555

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