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					 Definition: something that
 discourages or prevents a
 certain action
 Part of Speech: noun

  Derivatives: deterrence        Link: detergent

Sentence: Did you know that you could use the
detergent, Tide, as a deterrent for odors and
 Definition: an idea that is
 communicated indirectly, through
 a suggestion or hint
 Part of Speech: noun

 Derivatives: implications        Link: dressed like
                                  a chicken
Sentence: He dressed like a chicken to avoid the
implication that he had no sense of humor.
 Definition: injustice; unfairness,
 an instance of injustice
 Part of Speech: noun

 Derivatives: inequities

                                      Link: unequal

Sentence: Mutt and Jeff show the inequity of tall
versus short people, but they figured out a way to
deal with their unequal heights.
 Definition: a physical weakness
 or defect; ailment
 Part of Speech: noun

 Derivatives: infirmities
                                   Link: sickly

Sentence: The child had an infirmity making him
bedridden and sickly for a long time.
 Definition: to intrude or
 trespass on; to go beyond the
 limits considered proper
 Part of Speech: verb
                                      Link: trespass
 Derivatives: infringes, infringed,
 infringing, infringement

Sentence: If you infringe on these boundaries, or
trespass on this property, you are taking your life in
your own hands.
 Definition: a new custom,
 method, or invention;
 something newly introduced
 Part of Speech: noun

 Derivatives: innovations         Link: new

Sentence: One of the innovations, or new inventions,
of the 20th century was Velcro.
 Definition: to renew strength and
 energy of; restore to a vigorous,
 active condition
 Part of Speech: verb

 Derivatives: revitalizes,       Link: vacation
 revitalized                             time

Sentence: One way to revitalize your body and mind
is to take some vacation time.
 Definition: distributed thinly;
 not thick or crowded
 Part of Speech: adjective

 Derivatives: sparsely,
 sparseness                        Link: one horse

Sentence: It was a sparse competition, with only
one horse entered in each event.
 Definition: based on
 personal opinions, feelings,
 and attitudes; not objective
 Part of Speech: adjective
                                “This book is too difficult
 Derivative: subjectively       for you to understand.”
                                         Link: not
Sentence: Easy and difficult are subjective , not
objective, terms based on one person’s opinion
 Definition: expressed clearly
 in a few words; to the point;
 Part of Speech: adjective

 Derivatives: succinctly,

Sentence: She took so long to       Link: get to the
tell me the story that I wanted     point!
to yell at her, “Please be succinct
and get to the point!”

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