Executive Board Meeting by SL4CK0G


									Executive Board Meeting 11:00                                                December 2,
Location: Rockwell- Bob Sopko                                                2004
Raja Shekar        Anita Bucci          Teresa Wham       Bob Gilbert        David Day
Bob Sopko
Meeting started by Raja at 11:45
    Raja: reviewed feedback from ROC meeting in Columbia 11/19-20th. Provided a handout
      of bulleted points.
    Student participation as a representative from our chapter to promote exposure but also
      our chapter pays for a student to attend whether they go or not.
    Approval of financial report of the region 6.
    Chapter STAR program requirements (reviewed the old and the new guidelines).
      Discussion of the purpose and benefit of the STAR program.
    Trustee presentation regarding funding campaign.
    Member Get A Member campaign.
    ROC reports: presentation of our chapter.
    Future ROC meeting dates:
                         Virginia Beach, VA March 17-19, 2005
                         Charlotte, NC July 27-29, 2005
                         Charleston, SC November 17-18, 2005

President Elect: John Cooper volunteered to step in if there is no one who comes forward.
Motion by Bob Sopko to accept John Cooper’s volunteering to be the president elect, seconded
by David Day, and unanimous acceptance. To be voted in the January 2oth, 05 meeting.
Discussions of the President elect office and hierarchy of all offices.
Nominations and Election: Use nomination forms at the meetings. Send an email to get
response for nominations also.
Open up executive meetings to all members, Eric Michael will send out an email.
January 2oth, meeting is 10:30-11:15 executive meeting for a brief meeting.
First Region VI Conference Call is on January 12th, 05 from 10:00 am to Noon. Information will
be forwarded to Executive Committee members to participate.
Contact groups such as SCSOHN and Risk Managers (RIMS?) to participate in our meetings.
Future meeting: Put a notice in that the next meeting may run longer. Plan to stay and
watch/participate in the software demonstration.
Move March meeting to the 10th so it does not coincide with ROC meeting on the 17th (we will
check with John Cooper to see if that can be done).
May meeting: Pam Tompkins potentially a speaker from the Piedmont chapter.
Finalize meeting dates for Executive Board
Plan teleconference call alternated with face to face.
February 15th, Tuesday teleconference.
April 21st Thursday at Rockwell. Potentially a mechanical lab tour at Rockwell. Bob to get a van
for the trip.
Meeting Adjourned at 1:30

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