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									Guidance for Staff Sponsoring an Event in City Campus East

1. City Campus East (CCE) Law and NBS building (CCE-1) is an understandably very popular venue for both
internal and external events; however, their impact can be disruptive to the normal academic programme and as
a Sponsor for an event you are required to check whether your proposal is acceptable to the Schools. Failure to
do this will result in the event not taking place no matter what commitment has been made. Subject to point 8
below, you can be assured of an answer within 5 days of the request and a proforma is attached for your

2. Time Periods at Issue. If you are booking between 1st September and 30th June in any year, and on any
weekday between 0900 and 1700 (or regardless of the period to which your booking relates, if point 8, below,
applies) you must request clearance if your event has any of the impacts listed below you must request clearance
if your event has any of the impacts listed below. Outside these hours, and if it is classed as an event,
particularly if it is attracting a high profile attendee, rather than a casual room booking for a meeting with no
impact, you should inform the Events and Conference Team who maintains a local diary.

3.   Impacts:

     a. Changes to the advertised provision of catering. If your event requires specific catering the Catering
     Manager at CCE will advise you whether it will have an impact that requires notification.

     b. Usage of CCE1 lecture theatre breakout area. This will have to be booked through the Events and
     Conference Team who can also advise you as to whether it will have an impact that requires notification.

     c. Visitor Numbers. Introduction of significant numbers of visitors, although there is no hard and fast rule
     more than 50 would be significant. If in doubt the Events and Conferences Team Leader would be pleased
     to advise.

4. Request for Clearance. You should complete the attached proforma and e-mail it to EA CCE Event Admin
entitled ‘Request for Approval for Event at CCE 1’ followed by the title and date of your request/event:

5. Response Timescale. You can expect a response by the end of 5 clear working days from submission of the
request. As an example a request sent on Wednesday would be answered by 1700 on Tuesday the following
week. An absence of a response should be read as agreement to the event taking place. If the event is refused it
will be accompanied by a single line of explanation for the refusal which will be logged by the Services

6. Arrangements. Please note that this procedure has been required by the exceptional popularity of CCE 1 as
a venue and although this may give authority for the event, it is still up to you to make all the arrangements
including booking the rooms and catering. If your event is booked more than 6 months in advance you can
expect to be contacted by the Services Manager at that point to check whether the event is still going ahead.

7. Event Promotion. If you need to utilise the poster holders on the lampposts approaching CCE from the
bridge or the reception LCD screens, or any other form of promotion you will need to consult the Events and
Conferences Team Leader.

8.   Request of a Political/Sensitive nature

For any events which may involve a petition or deal with a sensitive or political subject, prior permission is
required from the University Secretary and Security. Please ensure any such requests are sent to the CCE
EVENT ADMIN email address, no later than two weeks prior to the event taking place. If further information is
required in order to approve/disprove the request, then please be prepared to present this. Please Note:
Approvals for point number 8 apply to all times of the day/year and are not just restricted to weekdays 09:00 –

List of CCE Contacts:

Role                                     Name                           Telephone            E-mail address
Events & Conferences Team                Gemma Hollywood                Ext 7616             Gemma Hollywood
CCE Catering Manager                     Phil Stewart                   Ext 4880             Phil Stewart
                                    City Campus East Event Request Form

   Title of Event

   Date(s) (and day(s))

   Times of event

   Set up to be complete by
   (for caretaking planning
   Minimum and maximum
   numbers attending to be
   Location (ie rooms being used)

   Location availability (this
   should note whether you have
   been able to book the rooms
   required or it is too far in advance
   for the rooms to be available)
   Impact on catering (ie changes
   to normal catering discussed with
   catering manager)
   Alcohol to be served (Y/N)
   Set up details
   i.e. table/chair requirements etc in
   order to determine caretaker
   Highest expected profile
   attendee at this event and in what
   Event promotion (i.e. bridge
   banners, reception plasma screen)
   University Sponsor

   Reference (CCE Services
   Manager to complete)

Once complete, please save and attach to e-mail to EA CCE Event Admin (ctr+click to create e-mail), entitling
the e-mail ‘Request for Approval for Event at CCE 1’

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