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  Transformation of
Cooperative Extension
  Kentucky Regional Extension Meeting
            Craig H. Wood
           January 23, 2008
eXtension, the nation’s first
24/7/365 collaboratively built
non-formal education and
information system available on
any Internet-ready device
Community of Practice
A virtual network of content providers who
share knowledge or competence in a
specific content area and are willing to
work and learn together over a period of
time to further develop and share that
knowledge in forms of educational
products and programs.
      Communities of Practice
•   HorseQuest
•   Financial Security for All
•   Imported Fire Ants
•   Extension Disaster Education Network
•   Consumer Horticulture
•   Entrepreneurs and Their Communities
•   Just In Time Parenting
•   Wildlife Damage Management
    Communities of Practice
• Beef Cattle Clearing House
• Family Caregiving; Caring for the Aged and/or
  Disabled Adults
• Youth Science, Engineering and Technology
  for Life
• Pork Information Group
• eOrganic
• Corn and Soybean Production
    Communities of Practice
• Urban Integrated Pest Management
• Map@Syst: Geospatial Solutions for Rural and
  Community Sustainability
• Diversity Across Higher Education
• Cotton
• Integrated Pest Management
• Livestock & Poultry Environmental
  Management Learning Center
      Communities of Practice
              (under development)

•   Water Quality (North Central)
•   Obesity, Health & Wellness (Southern)
•   Small Ruminants (1890)
•   Living with Fire (Western)
•   Renewable Energy (Northeast)
    eXtension Usability Study
               (November 2007)

• Strengths
  – Unbiased, in-depth information from
    university experts on a broad range of
  – Ability to ask university experts any
  – A Google search function that will return
    more relevant articles than a normal
    Google search on the web
    eXtension Usability Study
                (November 2007)

• “You think more about a Web site that has
  information from universities.”
• “This is an informational and educational site
  where I can get objective, unbiased
  information…a place to go when I want to learn
• “This is much better than Wikipedia, where
  you don’t know how accurate the
  information is.”
    Projected CoP Launches
• February
  – Geospatial Technologies
  – Family Caregiving
  – Livestock & Poultry Environmental
    Learning Center
  – Beef Cattle Production
  – Extension Disaster Education Network
   National eXtension Launch
• February 21-22, 2008
• Ag Outlook Conference
  – Washington, DC
• Planned activities
  – Ribbon cutting ceremony
  – Training opportunities
• National eXtension Day
  – Participation by institutions
eXtension Analytics
eXtension Analytics
            Communities of Practice
            Land Grant Universities

Communication           Assessment
     s                                      Development Resources
  Marketing                   Professional Development
       Content Development

• Public eXtension Site                      eXtension
• Contributor resources                      Resources
   – (learn about eXtension)
   – (eXtension ID)
       • (faq & ask an expert)
       • (articles, learning modules)
       • (calendar of events)
   – (aggregation of national news)
   – (search of all known CES resources)
   – (mail lists)
   – Moodle (learning management system)
       • (professional development courses)
       • (CES courses)
       • (CoP courses)
   – eXtension Web Conferencing (supported by Iowa State)
       • to use email
   – (CES collaboration)
            What’s in it for you?
• eXtensionID
   – 5,900+ registered contributors
• Access to:
   – FAQ & Ask an Expert
      • Access to 30,000+ FAQs
      • Ask questions; get answers; give answers
   – Articles & Learning Modules
      • 10,000+ content pages; 8,000 uploaded files
• National aggregated LGU news system
• Search all CES resources
Why is eXtension good for me?
• Opportunity to network with peers
  – “We can share materials”
  – “I don’t have to do all the work”
  – “Help with peer review”
  – “Opportunities for presentations, publications,
    awards, camaraderie with peers, networking, fun,
    and contributions to scholarly activity”
  – “No more re-inventing the wheel”
• Part of “the future of Cooperative Extension”
  How Can eXtension Make Your
    Professional Life Easier?
• From CoP Members:
  – A source of information from experts using FAQ & “Ask a
    Peer” functions
  – Keeps a record of your contributions for merit evaluation
  – Access to peer reviewed information
  – Provides a Web link to share work with others
  – Can cut and paste content for local newspaper articles,
    newsletters, fact sheets, etc.
  The Scholarship of eXtension
  – Many opportunities to turn eXtension service roles into
    scholarship deliverables
  – CoP policies provide rigorous peer review of curricula and
  – Can develop synchronous and asynchronous learning tools
• For more details:

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