Week 2 Newsletter 2012 by HC120913193439


									                       Second Grade Newsletter
                             Sept. 4 - 7
                               Week 2

Dear Parents,

      Celebrate your child’s success this past week of school! It’s been
an exciting beginning to a new year. Thank you for being so prompt in
returning all of the necessary forms and fees. If you still need to
purchase a planner or pay the $5 fee for paper, please do so as soon as
possible. We are not able to order paper as a grade level until we have
collected from every child.

      Spelling this week will be words with the short ‘e’ sound.
Remember that we want children to become proficient at spelling and
to transfer the correct spelling into their everyday writing. Your child
will be bringing home the new word list each Monday on the reading log.
Dictation and word tests will be given at the end of the week.

      Homework logs will begin going out next week. They will be due
back on Friday morning. After informal assessment, we will begin
sending take home readers with your child. Until then, have them read
a library book or book that you have in your home. If you have any
questions, please let us know.

     Our featured author for the month of September is a favorite:
Marc Brown. He is well known for his Arthur series. We will be
integrating character webs, thinking maps and story elements into our

     Again, a note sent in the morning or an email or phone call to the
office before 2 p.m. is required in order for your child to be dismissed
any other way than initially indicated. Safety is our main concern!
If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us.

                           The Second Grade Team

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