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Application Form and Equal Opportunities Form - DOC by KISUG797


									                                               MODERN APPRENTICESHIP –
                                                 MECHANICAL FITTER
                                                  APPLICATION FORM

1: Personal details
Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS



Date of Birth:                                    Age
                                                  (Years, Months):
                                                  Eligibility to work in the UK:
Home telephone
                                                  I confirm I am a British passport holder,
                                                  European Citizen or have a ‘right to work’ in the
Mobile phone:

Permanent address                                 Yes / No
and postcode:
                                                  RBGE is unable to sponsor applicants to work
                                                  in the UK therefore it is your responsibility to
                                                  ensure your ’right to work’ in UK is valid for the
                                                  duration of this scheme.

                                                  If you are selected to attend an assessment
                                                  day, you will be asked to provide documentary
                                                  evidence of your right to work in the UK.

                                                  Please tell us how you found out about the
Email address:                                    RBGE Modern Apprenticeship Scheme:

Do you have a current
                                    Yes / No
driving licence:

HR Department
August 2012
2: General education and qualifications (Please list in chronological order)
Continue on a separate sheet if necessary

            Name of course                              Name of                    Qualifications or skills/training
                                            school/college/university/institute            course results.

3: Employment (Please list in chronological order). If unpaid employment please indicate clearly.
Continue on a separate sheet if necessary

 From        To         Name, address &            Job title & summary of duties     Number of          Reason for
dd/mm/yy   dd/mm/yy   business of employer                                          hours/week            leaving
                                                                                    (if not full-time   employment

HR Department
August 2012
4: Voluntary Interests (including voluntary public service and work experience)
           From                         To                                      Details

5: Personal Statement
Please tell is in 250-500 words why you wish to undertake a Modern Apprenticeship – Mechanical Fitter at RBGE.
Continue on a separate sheet if necessary, clearly stating your full name

6: Leisure interests/hobbies

HR Department
August 2012
7: References
Please give details of two referees .

                      Reference                                                       Reference

Type: Academic  Employer              Personal               Type: Academic  Employer            Personal 
Preferred title                                                 Preferred title
(Dr Mr Mrs Miss Ms etc):                                        (Dr Mr Mrs Miss Ms etc):
Full name:                                                      Full name:

Job title:                                                      Job title:

Organisation:                                                   Organisation:

Address:                                                        Address:

Telephone no.:                                                  Telephone no.:

Email address:                                                  Email address:

8: Declaration
I declare that the information given in this application form is true and complete. I understand that if I have given
any misleading information on this form or made any omissions, this will be sufficient grounds for terminating my

Signature:                                                               Date:

The information provided by you on this form as an applicant will be stored either on paper records or a computer
system in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be processed solely in connection with

HR Department
August 2012
                                                                                 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                           Private and Confidential

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh has an equal opportunities and diversity policy. In order for us to
keep a check on the effective implementation of our policies and ensure that all applicants are treated
fairly, we need to monitor equal opportunities for all applicants.
This form must be completed and returned along with your application form. However, where you would prefer not to answer a particular
question, you can tick the relevant box in order to indicate this.

Your answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and held securely within the HR department. It will only be released on a need to know
basis. The only information from this form that will be passed to the short-listing or interview panel will be essential information that you have
provided about the adjustments that you may require if you have a disability.

1. Ethnic Group

WHITE                                                                           ASIAN

(A)             British or Mixed British                                  (L)             Bangladeshi
(B)             English                                                   (M)             Indian
(C)             Irish                                                     (N)             Pakistani
(D)             Scottish                                                  (O)             Any other Asian background
(E)             Welsh                                                                     (specify if you wish)
(F)             Or any other? (specify if you wish)

BLACK                                                                    CHINESE

(G)             African
                                                                                          Any Chinese background (specify if you
(H)             Caribbean                                                 (P)
                Any other Black background (specify
                if you wish)

ANY OTHER ETHNIC BACKGROUND                                              MIXED ETHNIC BACKGROUND

(J)             Any other ethnic background                               (Q)             Asian and White
                (specify if you wish)                                     (R)             Black African and White
                                                                          (S)             Black Caribbean and White
                                                                                          Any other Mixed ethnic background
(K)             I prefer not to disclose this information                 (T)
                                                                                          (specify if you wish)
2. Disability
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines disability as a physical or mental impairment which has a
substantial and long term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities.
This can include conditions such as dyslexia for example.
Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
            Yes                No
If “yes” what is the nature of your disability?

HR Department
August 2012
3. Age

What is your age (in years)?                                             or

       I prefer not to disclose this information

4. Religion

Which religion, religious denomination or body do you currently belong to?

                I prefer not to disclose this information

5. Gender Identity
How would you describe your gender?
    Female                             Male
    I prefer not to disclose this information

6. Sexual Orientation
How would you describe your sexual orientation?
     Gay Man
     Bisexual Man
     Bisexual Woman

     I prefer not to disclose this information

HR Department
August 2012

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