Thank You Letter Template - DOC by SL4CK0G


									   Thank You Letter for Informational Meeting – Sample

Jack Jones
123 Apple Street
Anywhere, ST 11111

January 19, 2009

George Smith
Senior Recruiter
HR Recruiters International, Inc.
1111 State St.
Boston, MA 02148

Dear George,

Thank you for sharing your insight and experiences about the healthcare industry with me
yesterday. Your thirty years of successful experience in operations is very impressive and I
will be able to use your perspective as I explore career paths in corporate accounting.

Particularly, your perspective on the need for a CPA level of experience across the
healthcare industry in the central business operations got my attention. Your suggestion to
attend the three wellness events sponsored by the local healthcare consortium was in fact
an excellent idea which will help me enhance my networking.

Also, thank you for suggesting I contact Jack Swanson at Auditing Professionals and Bill
Kelly at the University. I will contact them both today and will let you know how our
conversations progress. Also, I am seriously considering your idea to pursue a part-time
teaching assignment at the community college. I am especially interested in mentoring
others who have a love of accounting!

Susan Jenkins did me a great favor by suggesting I call you, and I see why she holds you in
such high esteem. Thank you for your advice, insight and the contacts you were willing to
share. I will stay in touch and keep you informed of how my networking progresses.

Kind Regards,


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