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									Creativity  and      Innovation     Management        in   conservative,     staid

Conservative and staid organisations generally have a harder time implementing
creativity and innovation into their day-to-day work processes and people.
Leaders may want to capture the benefits of creativity and innovation, yet there
may be relevant and almost contradictory issues that they have to deal with,

   a) It may be that a conservative culture is desirable (may result in a greater
      fit with the client base, for example).

   b) Culture change is time consuming and needs constant monitoring and

   c) Large-scale changes may not be desired.

However, it is possible for leaders to have the best of both worlds. That is, it is
possible to combine a conservative culture with a creative one and without large-
scale change. Some methods include:

   a) Creating teams outside the core organisation whose job it is to manage
      creativity and innovation, identify problems, generate ideas, select the
      best ones, and see them through the development and innovation cycle.

   b) Allowing the culture of creative teams outside the core organisation to
      gradually diffuse its way into the core culture.

   c) Creating direct links to decision makers. Whenever employees have good
      ideas, having them addressed by powerful people encourages further good
      idea generation.

   d) Removing layers from idea generators to decision makers. Good ideas
      often get filtered and diluted when they are passed between management
      layers. This slows feedback times and reduces the encouragement levels
      that push idea generation.

   e) Visible progression of ideas through to tangible results. Motivation quickly
      declines if ideas do not progress. People will not see the value of today’s
      idea generating activity when yesterday’s was fruitless.

In conclusion, creativity and innovation management does not necessarily involve
large-scale change. Incremental changes can lead to radical effects. Further
creativity and conservatism are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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Kal Bishop, MBA


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