What is expected of students receiving support from access summit by 1tjy8J


									What Is Expected Of Students Receiving Support
            From Access Summit?

In order for you to get the best possible support through Access Summit we
ask the following of you:

1. If you have timetabled support such as a    5. Provide materials for your support worker
   note taker, pass on your timetable to          to enable them to carry out their duties
   Access Summit staff as soon as you             (paper and pens etc).
   receive it, the sooner Access summit has
   it, the sooner your support can begin.      6. Inform Access Summit of any changes in
                                                  your timetable, needs, contact details or
2. Agree upon your support workers duties         circumstances.
   at your first meeting. If you would like
   Access Summit staff to help with this,      If you have any problems with your personal
   please ask.                                 support or need any more information, please
3. Inform your support worker as far in
   advance as possible if you are unable to    Access Summit
   attend lectures. If you cannot give more
   than 24 hours notice your support           Tel:        0161 275 0990
   worker will still be paid. In the case of   Email:      info@access-summit.org.uk
   timetabled support, support workers are                 Access SUMMIT, St Peters House,
   also instructed not to remain in session    Post:       Precinct Centre, Oxford Road,
   without the student being present.                      Manchester, M13 9GH
                                               Mobile/SMS: 07795 826 942
4. Sign your support workers timesheets as     Minicom:    0161 273 6358
   these are sent to Student Finance
                                               Fax:        0161 275 0991
   England (or relevant funding body) as
   proof of support provided.

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