International Scholarship by 1tjy8J


									                                    UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA
                                     International Student Scholarship

The following is a list of criteria that must be followed in order to obtain an International Student Scholarship
(Graduate Students Only):

      enroll full-time (fall, spring and summer)
           o full-time status is a minimum of nine credit hours (fall, spring and summer)
      be fully admissible to USF College of Education under existing criteria for graduate programs and meet
       other standards detailed below
      maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 or greater
      students must maintain eligibility (full time status and a grade point average of 3.0 or greater)

Note: Funds are limited

If you meet the above criteria, please complete the following information and submit to the address below:

APPLICANT INFORMATION (Please type or print clearly on this form)

Legal Name: _________________________________________________________________________
             Last                          First                   Middle

Permanent Home Address: ____________________________________________

City, State Zip: _________________________________________________

Telephone Number: (______)__________________              USF-ID: _U_______________________

Email ____________________________________ Cell Phone: (______)___________________

Home Phone: ____________________________

Country (permanent residence): __________________________
Are you from Latin America and the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands)? Yes / No

Circle student level for entering term: Junior / Senior / M.A. / MAT / M.Ed. / Ed.S. / Ph.D.

What is your declared major in the College of Education? _______________________________

What is your cumulative GPA? __________ Number of hours completed at USF: _______________

TEST SCORES: SAT _________________ ACT _________________ GRE ___________________

Will you be interning? _____________ Anticipated internship semester: __________________________

Expected graduation date: __________________________________
                                   UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA
                                  International Student Scholarship (cont.)

Please write a brief description of your educational goals and how this scholarship will help achieve those goals.


Your signature certifies that all of the information you have provided and included in this form is accurate. It
also confirms that you meet all of the eligibility requirements as stated in this document. Information provided
in this application may be shared with the donor or donor’s designee.

Student’s Name (Please Print): __________________________________________________________

Student’s Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: _______________

Due Date: March 1, 2010 (for 2010/2011 academic year)

Mail to:              Aaron Greaser
                      USF, College of Education
                      4202 East Fowler Avenue, Mail Stop EDU105
                      Tampa, FL 33620

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