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									RRISD Employees,

Welcome Back from Spring Break!

HRS uploaded our list of employees to TEA this morning so that they can review our
records to determine which RRISD employees will need to complete the fingerprint
process. Please be reminded not all employees will need to submit fingerprints - only
those identified by TEA.

If you are identified as an individual that must be fingerprinted, TEA will be contacting
you directly via email. This notification process has already begun. The email will come
from the following address: and will be sent to the email
you supplied on your Educator Profile in the SBEC system.

Individuals who are required to submit fingerprints will be required to access their SBEC
account again to print a document called a "Fingerprint Fastpass." You must have this
document in order to submit your fingerprints. Also, please note that once you access
and print this document it cannot be printed again without the assistance of TEA. Keep
your "Fingerprint Fastpass" in a safe place to be used on your appointment date.
If you are an employee who must pay for your fingerprints, your SBEC account will not
allow you to print a "Fingerprint Fastpass" until payment of $42.25 is submitted.

Over the next seven weeks, RRISD will be working with IBT, the fingerprint vendor, and
campus principals to set up a schedule for employees to submit fingerprints. Our goal
is to make this process as painless as possible for everyone involved. More details will
be provided as they become available from IBT and/or TEA.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rene Eakins via email at

Again, thank you for your patience.

Susan C. Brown
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resource Services
Round Rock ISD
(512) 464-5987

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Office of Legal Services (512) 464-5000.

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