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					                                              5495 E. Apple Avenue Muskegon, MI 49442

                             Commercial Lease Agreement

Please answer ALL fields. If a question does not apply to you, state “NA” or “not
applicable”. We won’t ask any confidential information that is not necessary in
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                                   TYPE OF LEASE
            ☐ Building
            ☐ Office
            ☐ Restaurant
            ☐ Warehouse
            ☐ Industrial
            ☐ Retail Store
            ☐ Storage
            ☐ Yard
            ☐ Individual        ☐ Corporation/Organization


City                                  State                         Postal/ZIP Code

Phone Number:
             ☐ Individual       ☐ Corporation/Organization

Operating Name


City                                   State                     Postal/ZIP Code

Phone Number:

Security Deposit?
                    ☐ Yes                         ☐ No
                      ☐ Guarantor will sign lease
                      ☐ Attach Personal Guarantee to be executed
                      ☐ Attach Indemnity Agreement to be executed

                              PROPERTY INFORMATION

City                                   State                     Postal/ZIP Code

Suite/Bay # to be leased:                      Anticipated possession date:
Describe the premises:

Exclusive use building?
                   ☐ Yes                   ☐ No

           ☐ Do not specify
           ☐ Parking is not available
           ☐ Parking is available.
Other permitted use of premises:

Leased Area:
                                                ☐ Weekly with automatic renewal
                                                ☐ Monthly with automatic renewal
                                                ☐ Yearly automatic renewal
                                                ☐ Fixed number of weeks _______
                                                ☐ Fixed number of months ______
                                                ☐ Fixed number of years ________
                                                ☐ Fixed end date _______________
Option to purchase?
                   ☐ Yes                         ☐ No
                      ☐ Specified amount: $ __________
                      ☐ Average of two fair market appraisals
                      ☐ Average of three fair market appraisals

Option fee paid by tenant credited to purchase price?
                   ☐ Yes                         ☐ No

Amount of Option Fee                       Expiration of the Option:

Maximum period to close sale after exercising option:

Tenant to pay:                                                  Currency
☐ Base Rent Only (Gross Rent)              ☐ USD United States Dollars
☐ Base Rent Plus Specified Operating       ☐ CAD Canadian Dollars
                                           ☐ EUR Euro
☐ Base Rent Plus All Operating Costs
                                           ☐ GBP United Kingdom Pounds
☐ Base Rent Plus % of Gross Profits
Frequency of Payment:                      Rent specified by:
☐ Weekly                                   ☐ Periodic Payment
☐ Monthly                                  ☐ Square Foot
☐ Every 3 months                           ☐ Square Meter
☐ Every 6 months
☐ Yearly

Amount of Base Rent:                       Fixed by:
$ __________________                           ☐ Fixed amount per square foot
                                               ☐ Proportionate Share
                                               ☐ Fixed Percent of Total Costs
                                               ☐ Other
Address of Payment:

City                                   State                      Postal/ZIP Code

Rent Increase?

☐ Yes                               ☐ No                 ☐ Do not specify
   Amount: $ __________

   # of Days: __________

   Describe rent increase:

Penalty for Late Payments?
☐ Yes                               ☐ No                 ☐ Do not specify
   ☐ Percentage of Rent
   ☐ Fixed Charge for Each Day; $ __________
   ☐ Fixed Charge for Each Late Payment; $ __________
   ☐ Do not specify
   ☐ Other:
                        Payment of Utilities and Other Expenses
                    Tenant Pays      Tenant Pays       Landlord Pays     Do Not Specify
                      Directly        Landlord
Electricity                ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
Natural Gas                ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
Water                      ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
Sewer                      ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
Telephone                  ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
Internet                   ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
Cable                      ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
Other Expenses             ☐               ☐                 ☐                  ☐
                      Other expenses to be paid directly by tenant
☐ Yes                                ☐ No           ☐ Do not specify
   ☐ Fixtures / Heating
   ☐ Sidewalk / Driveway
   ☐ Grass / Garden
   ☐ Other:

Taxes payable by tenant?
☐ Yes                                  ☐ No         ☐ Do not specify
   Specify kind of taxes:

Taxes payable by tenant to landlord?
☐ Yes                                ☐ No           ☐ Do not specify
   Specify kind of taxes:

   ☐ Included in rent
   ☐ In addition to rent

Tenant Pays Taxes to Government?
☐ Yes                                  ☐ No         ☐ Do not specify
   Specify kind of taxes:

Security/Damage Deposit?
☐ Yes                                  ☐ No         ☐ Do not specify

Advance Rent Amount:
   ☐ None
   ☐ First and Last Installment of Base Rent
   ☐ First and Last Two Installments of Base Rent
   ☐ Last Installment of Base Rent
   ☐ Last two installments of Base Rent
                                         Tenant Pays       Landlord Pays   Do Not Specify
Tenant’s Contents                             ☐                  ☐               ☐
Landlord’s Contents                           ☐                  ☐               ☐
Leased Premises                               ☐                  ☐               ☐
Personal Injury on Property                   ☐                  ☐               ☐
Tenant to provide proof of insurance:
       ☐ When insurance is issued and renewed
       ☐ Upon request
       ☐ Do not specify
Required landlord improvements
       ☐ None
       ☐ Specify
Chattels provided by landlord:
       ☐ None
       ☐ Specify
Chattels that will transfer to tenant at the end of the lease:

Improvements by tenant?
          ☐ No
          ☐ Do not specify
          ☐ Only with landlord’s consent
          ☐ Other:
Chattels provided by tenant:
       ☐ None
       ☐ Specify
Signing Incentives:
       ☐      None
       ☐      Free rent
       ☐      Other:
Notice for Non-Payment            Notice for Other Lease

Tenant can renew lease?
           ☐ No
           ☐ Do not specify
           ☐ Only with landlord’s consent
           ☐ Other:
Tenant can assign/sublease?
           ☐ No
           ☐ Do not specify
           ☐ Only with landlord’s consent
Clauses landlord would like to include
            ☐ Inspections and Notice to Enter
            ☐ Right to show premises
            ☐ Signs posted in premises
            ☐ Damage to premises

           ☐ Force Majeure
           ☐ Hazardous materials
           ☐ Landlord’s repairs
           ☐ Tenant’s repairs
Attorney’s fees
         ☐ To landlord upon tenant’s breach
         ☐ To successful party
         ☐ Do not specify
Pets in the premises
         ☐ No
         ☐ Do not specify
         ☐ Only with landlord’s consent
Tenant to have carpets professionally cleaned
         ☐ Yes
         ☐ No
         ☐ Do not specify

Landlord's liability is limited to a maximum of the Base rent paid for any relevant month
         ☐ Yes
         ☐ No
                               OPTIONAL CLAUSES
                   Check if you want the specific clause included
 ☐ Return of property - The Return of Property clause states that certain properties will
   returned upon termination of the Agreement.
              When should property be returned?
 ☐ Limitation of liability - A Limitation of Liability Clause allows the parties to
   completely absolve a party in the event that any losses, damages or any other
   liabilities arise out of the performance of the contract.
 ☐ Indemnification - An Indemnification clause is where the a party agrees to pay back
    the other party for claims made against the latter by any third party for any damage
    or loss arising out of the provision of the services.
 ☐ Legal expenses - The Legal Expenses clause reiterates that legal costs and fees
   associated with any legal action will be awarded to the successful party.
 ☐ Notice - The Notice clause indicates how all notices under this agreement will
   be given.
 ☐ Enurement - The Enurement clause declares that any rights and responsibilities of
   the parties will pass on to their successors.
 ☐   Titles/Headings - The Titles/Headings clause states that the titles/headings of each
     section are inserted for clarification only and are not for purposes of interpretation.
☐ Gender - The Gender clause declares that words in the singular or masculine sense
  also encompass words in the plural and feminine sense, respectively.
☐ Waiver - The Waiver clause states that if one party waives its rights to enforce a
  breach by another party, this failure to enforce its rights will not be held as a waiver
  of any subsequent breaches.

                               YOUR NAME AND DATE
                This constitutes your signature and your agreement to
             ’s terms and conditions.

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