Force Recon by 1tjy8J


									Genre: Shoot'em Up/Action/Strategy
Technology: Java, 2D graphics
Availability: Available
Mission: War is everywhere! Your goal is to
conquer the front lines of the enemy and to
complete your assignments in enemy territories
at any price.

                                                                                          Game Features
                                                      Amazing graphics creating a World War II’s atmosphere filled with dangers;
                                                      Exciting action story accompanied with dialogues of main characters, briefings and over
                   Story Line                         45 spectacular in-game movies; unique animations of weapon shooting and explosion;
World War II is fully underway. A small elite         17 levels of dangerous missions; 3 campaigns in North Africa and some European cities;
troop of Allies has been sent over the front line     different strategies can be applied;
to breach the enemy resistance. You have this         The player can choose to play 3 main characters (Captain Casey Brown, a sharpshooter,
once in a lifetime chance to assist in the many       Corporal Dusty Miller, an experienced engineer and explosives expert, Lieutenant Andy
operations of the unit! You'll take part in a foray   Stevens, a weapons expert) and different weapons (sniper rifle, pistol, submachine gun,
through the deserts of Africa, fight against the      etc.); each character has 3 stages of development;
enemy in the narrow alleys of European cities         Many important assignments to be completed by the player while carrying out dangerous
and find and destroy a secret missile base in         missions (crossing over the front line, blowing up enemy fuel depots, freeing the
the Palatinate Forest. Choose to play different       members of the resistance, etc.);
main characters and different weapons! Carry          6 enemy’s weapons types (pistol, submachine gun, heavy machine gun, Faustpatrone,
out dangerous missions in remote enemy                mines, bombs);
regions and defeat them!                              Easy to learn controls

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